Thursday, August 26, 2010

The circus continues...latest updates!
Philippine police test guns used in hostage tragedy.
Posted: 26 August 2010 1351 hrs
Philippine police said Thursday they were carrying out ballistic tests to determine if their commandos fired any of the bullets that killed eight Hong Kong tourists at the end of a hostage siege.
"We are examining the firearms used in the assault, including the 200 firearms used by the assault team," national police spokesman Senior Superintendent Agrimero Cruz told AFP.
Cruz said the M16 rifle and .45 automatic pistol used by the hijacker, ex-policeman Rolando Mendoza, were also being tested. The ballistic tests were part of a series of investigations being carried out by police and government bodies into the tragic end to Monday's hostage crisis.
Mendoza took the busload of Hong Kong tourists hostage in a desperate bid to be reinstated in the force. The hostages were killed as a police commando team attempted to storm the bus, only to be held at bay for about an hour as Mendoza fired at them, using some of his captives as human shields.
The ill-prepared commando team eventually broke into the bus and Mendoza was shot dead.
President Benigno Aquino and the police admitted many mistakes were made during the hostage crisis, and the four leaders of the assault team were suspended on Wednesday. Manila's police chief has also gone on leave.
An inter-government agency commission and the Senate are conducting separate investigations into Monday's events, in addition to the police probe. Cruz said police would give regular updates on the results of the investigation, but would not say when the final conclusions would be released. -AFP/wk
Unk Dicko's observations and comment:
They will never learn!
Reading this report and after listening to the " shocking" live coverage of the Filipino Interior
Minister being questioned in front of "live" cameras and video on our 9.30 pm Headline news, I have a few things to say.
1. The Minister has openly admitted that they all had blundered. That include their police, their chiefs and he included himself too.
Too many red Indian chiefs so, everyone thinks he is very clever and of course very important resulting in far too many diverse views on how to tackle and put an end to one mad man's antics. Thus they doodled and dawdled with no singular focus action plan. Too many cooks spoil the soup ...our teacher used to teach us but obviously Filipinos have other ideas.
All they needed is just one BIG Chief as Ground Zero Commander like the legendary Chief Sitting Bull who completely wiped out General George Custer of the US 7th Calvary and his the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
Even among the American Indians, though there were many real chiefs present as different tribes combined their forces, ..they only knew too well this adage.." we need to have a strong, DECISIVE LEADER ". Sitting Bull was that Leader. He was strong and he was DECISIVE! And that led to victory.
2. Look at the report. They are truly beyond belief. Instead of forming a PROPER COMMISSION of INQUIRY task with finding out the TRUTH of the whole tragedy and debacle, what did they say they will do.?
Different segments will do "their own" investigation.
This tells me alot!
It tells me that the separate segments...police, senate and inter-govt agency do not trust each other's findings, methods or approach. Again the familiar tune of "too many red Indian Chiefs"!
On the other hand, this may be a PLOY ( of somebody who is cleverer than those chiefs ) ..a potential masterpiece of investigation by 3 separate parties yet ALL COMING TO THE SAME CONCLUSION...whatever those conclusions may be.
[ One likely joint finding might possibly be, " No police bullets killed the 8 victims. All bullets from Rolando's gun/s." And one likely headline might read," 3 separate and independent commission came to the same truth...Rolando killed all the victims. Police fire did not kill
any victim." ]
3. The Hong Kong Government has just announced that they will be conducting their own
autopsies on the victims' bodies and their own investigation. Hong Kong had asked Manila govt
to allow them to do a joint autopsy. Well, what was the answer?
Manila CHOSE NOT TO EVEN REPLY to them !!!
Obviously FEARFUL of what they already somehow knew. And what is that?
From what I've read directly from H K's local newspapers..the survivors had been interviewed and they told a most frightful story.
Just one example:
One survivor, her name mentioned, recounted that the victims were killed by mostly bullets fired
from outside the bus.
And who were outside the bus??? Rolando the gunman was inside the bus.
The so -called Filipino super SWAT team may have ended up killing most of the Hong Kong victims.!
What does that tell you?
I do not blame them. It is the right thing to do knowing the lack of transparency, dependability
and integrity in Mabuhay land.

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