Friday, August 20, 2010


[ This image is from Infocomm 123 Facebook page ]

Very sorry that the image is rather blurred .....surprising, considering that whoever put it there must be from Infocomm itself.
Anyway, I came across the news release for this IDA Promotion most recently and thought
I like to share it here.
I've checked the websites of other "senior-related" organisations and
was surprised none had publicised such promotions within their sites.
I have no idea why it is so.
Perhaps, Infocomm 123 itself may not have sent them such news directly...requesting them to help publicise the scheme.
So, they may be in the dark still.

What is this SILVER GEN PC INCENTIVE SCHEME all about?
Here are the details in a brief summary.
1. IDA is offering discounts to buy PCs ( personal computers ) under the Silver Gen PC Deal
and Training incentive.
If you are a Singapore Citizen age 50 and above you basically qualify for the scheme. But
there's more.

2. The PC Bundles at Special Prices ( specially discounted by 3 appointed IT firms ) are only
for these seniors who want to buy their own PCs...and complete s total of 30 hours of
subsidised IT course/training.

3. So, what can you really get in this SILVER GEN PC and TRAINING incentive?
After completing a 30 hour ( accumulated) IT training of your own choice from those offered,
at SILVER INFOCOMM JUNCTIONS ( SIJs ) get an endorsed "passport" to buy your
choice of PCs from the 3 IT firms.
As a "Reward" for completing the 30 hours training, you get a further $100 off on your
purchase price. Note: Only the 1st 8,000 seniors who have the passports will be eligible.
Date and period of Promotion and redemption are on the IDA site.

There are currently 8 SIJs located around Singapore. The SIJ learning hubs were set up to cater specially to the senior citizens. The fees for courses are affordable to most between $ 2 to $ 6.
You can check up on more and fuller details at the following websites:

Click HERE for IDA's offer details.

Unk Dicko's Observations and Comments:
Many of the people belonging to this category of Silver Generation from 50+ to the 60+
and even those in the 70's and above have told me that they are very keen on learning how
to use the computer and internet to enhance their lifestyle. When I gave my various public
talks on blogging, IT and the internet...many spoke with me after that in private smaller groups
about their woes and plight.

One major problem for most of them is that the computer in the home is used mainly by their
children or grandkids who are all IT educated.
But my fellow aunties, uncles, grandpas and grandmas have told me about their real FEARS of
"messing up" or inexplicably " jamming up" the computer sets of their beloved ones...due to
their lack of training or knowledge.
I did ask some of them if that scenario actually happened and what was the subsequent reaction.
Not surprising, many confirmed it had. The reactions ranged from mild to severe.
An example of "mild":
" Grandpa, it's very hard to teach you! You always forget the steps and anyhow press here, press there ! Aiyah! You must write down what I teach you. But you don't. And when you
jot down you also forget how to do the steps, Aiyoh ! Like that HOW ? "

An Example of "severe":
" Pa! ( Ma!) Please don't touch MY computer again..please! See, everything is jammed up!
You go and get your OWN computer set and leave mine ALONE!"

Now you will agree with me why in the interest of all and for peace to prevail in the home...
it is really a very good move to:
A) Get your own computer set up
B) Get some basic training in IT for yourself, wife, husband, grandpa, grandma etc..

No need to go hunting high and low for "offers" all over the place.
I would simply take up this IDA offer...since there's nothing to lose and all to GAIN.


PChew said...

The Silver Gen PC Scheme was published in the Straits Times last week. It gave the name of the computer companies and the price of the PC which was less that $500.00. PC configuration was not stated. It must be very basic for that price.

Icemoon said...

Unker Dicko, since you have mastered the computer, maybe you can sell the PC Bundle and earn some profit, haha

Actually the "messing up" problem will not go away, just that the risk is now transferred to the elderly owner of the computer :P Who will help troubleshoot if their computer jammed up?

Maybe the solution is get something like iPad - an upsized iPhone is less intimidating for them? Also, since they cannot type fast anyway, no difference if they use the on-screen keyboard, haha

Thimbuktu said...

Thanks for highlighting the IDA "Silver Gen Special Promotions" on your blog.

I'm pleased to add the link from your blog to my senior citizen friends on Facebook. Best Regards.

fr said...

Icemoon, I think iPhone is more intimidating than a computer for them.

I guess those who visit facebook and the sites of these organizations for the elderly, are already quite comfortable with the internet. Probably these are the people who have their kids to help them. They may not want to attend the courses, they may just want to purchase the PCs.

Actually to reach out to more seniors who don't use the internet at all, these information should be available at community clubs
and elderly clubs.

PChew said...

The Straits Times last week published the Silver Gen Special Promotions. Each PC costs less than $500 and the names of the sponsoring companies were mentioned.

Icemoon said...

fr, agree with you. They might be wondering where is the keypad/keyboard from their Nokia 8250 days, lol

If I venture a guess, computers and internet pose a greater challenge to the elderly who is not English educated. Of course if you comment on Uncle Dicko's blog, you are not in this group.

The default keyboard/Windows language pack/browser startup page etc. are all in English.

unk Dicko said...

A thing or anything is only intimidating if we KNOW NOTHING about it. Fear springs from a lack of knowledge of HOW to go about tackling that intimidating thing.
The old saying applies..." If there's a will, there's a way".
My personal experience is a good example which I've shared publicly.
Learning about the computer,the internet, I T,blogging, photo imaging, and so many other useful applications...were all through what I discovered by Googling.
Therein lies the secret..I've discovered how to fish.
If you and I teach our seniors" how to fish" on the computer, they'll soon be able to go fishing themselves.
Include basic "trouble-shooting" which I've done countless times and quite advanced hunting down of unwanted viruses and add-ons which I've blogged about.