Monday, October 20, 2008

The Awakening of a Dinosaur !

This is the continuation of my story from a computer illiterate alias an" I T dinosaur" to my present status.
The NewPaper had a major news article about me in the Sunday edition of 8th April 2007. They also featured 2 other well-known senior bloggers who have been around the blogging scene for several years already. One is my good online blogging friend Lam Chun See of Good Morning Yesterday. The other is the popular Mdm You Ya Min of Laozhabor blogsite.
The report here basically summarises the story of how I got myself started in the world of blogging which was entirely alien to me then. I knew nuts about the subject. I knew next to nothing about whatever blogging was. And I had no interest nor any intention to start prior to that fateful week in early January, last year (2007).
It was because I was a little upset that hardly anyone bothered to fill in their personal contact details in the blank journal book I left at my late mother's wake. Using my initiative, I had wanted to update the contacts of all family members in the extended family.
On hindsight, had everyone done that, this story might have never happened!
[ click on the news story itself to read further]
And since I had made my nephews and nieces a promise...I intended to keep it. That's why I delved straight away into this "alien" world of blogging after peacefully laying my late mother's ashes to rest in the deep sea of Changi. Did not waste any time but got down to grips with tackling this new thing called blogging. I had no coach nor instructor only my nephew, over the phone, who gave me some tips on how to register and log in. It was almost impossible to do so.
Eventually, I figured things out for tiny step at a time. It was a very steep learning curve for me....about the technicalities of blogging, scanning a photo,forward, download and upload, craft and publish. But I DID IT ! That's the most important thing.
The moment that happened, I knew straight away I have jumped over a HUGE BARRIER I once thought impossible, for dinosaurs like me.
Even when I bravely started this Wise Owl Blog in Sept last year, right upto that time, I was still
in the dark about to crop a picture, how to reduce its size or increase it, how to enhance, about pixels, about Dpi, how to set up and organise albums in Picassa, how to do this and that!
Go to my earliest posts on this blogsite ( Sept 21 2007) and see for yourself what I mean!
I have not changed a thing. Not embarassed? Why should I be embarassed? I'm delirious!
When I first set out this blog as well as the other ( Yippie Blogsite), I had thought hard about the main subject matter of what I hope to accomplish. Whatever the content will be, I have decided it will be based on MY PERSONAL TRUE LIFE STORIES, TRUE LIFE EXPERIENCES
and ANECDOTES. So, if anyone is looking for fiction here, he or she will be disappointed.
That will remain the mainstay of my blog.
By my own conservative estimate, in this one plus year of blogging, I have only touch on not more than 10 % of my true life experiences. Want a glimpse of what's coming up? OK....
Remember, it really happened as will be detailed later.
1. The day I jumped off ADAM Road flyover and survived! Unbelievable..!
2. Three almost certain DROWNINGs...I should not have survived! But did. Lessons here!
3. The Hotel New World Disaster....uncanny!
4. How I personally prevented a disaster at OBS, P Ubin in 1969. A Story never revealed!
5. Trapped in the world of the "Living Dead" or zombies. Incredible but true!
6. Surrounded and about to be hammered by 10 beefy bullies..! What happened?
and much, much more true experiences!
The old, yellowed testimonial I have put here is the 2nd document I managed to scan successfully on my first attempt at blogging, Jan last year.
It belonged to my late father and was among the batch of papers mentioned in the post" Why I Enjoy Blogging so much"[ see Oct 2 2008 archives ].
I have an interesting detailed post about the Kallang Gasworks and my father in the other blog.

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