Sunday, October 5, 2008

Followers of Wise Owl Blog.

Hi to all visitors and readers of this Blog !

This is uncle Dicko speaking. I am trying out a few new gadget applications on my Blog which maybe helpful and useful.
Right at the top of the page, on the right side, there is a "Follow this Blog" icon.
Click on it and you will be listed on the page.
I would encourage you to do that if you visit regularly.
That would signal to me that you have found a site with interesting content or the Blog
author wise enough to provide you some advice, inspiration or motivation...etc which all
of us need, from time to time.
For the real regulars of this Blog, I may engage and relate with you on a higher level....either
on this Blog, your Blog or even by email.


Wise Owl


peter said...

what's your email? I like to follow up with you on your newspaper clippings because I am interested to find some old stuff.

uncle Dick said...

Hi Peter,
I have asked L Chun See to forward you my contact email.

uncle Dick said...

Hi Mulia,
Thanks for being a follower of the Blog.
I have read about that sad case.
And will definitely consider your request asap.
However, I must add that I set up this Wise Owl site to share my travel and true life experiences over half a century ( I'm 61 now ! } with lots of archival pics and material.
Some areas I will not go into is the socio- political scene,sensitive issues and a few others I have in mind.
Do continue your good work!

uncle Dick said...

Hi mulia,
I have checked on your 2 blogsites.
The Pop-up MESSAGE is very clear.
Btw, I do not want to know why you are in violation by BLOGGER.
The FACT that your site is in clear violation indicates some form of trouble or problem you're having with the BLOGGER HOST that still persists.
I cannot allow ANY problematic site
to be linked here in any way.
May I suggest you clear the problem with BLOGGER asap before doing anything else.
I do not mean to be unhelpful but this is the worldwide web and all need to be careful.