Thursday, October 9, 2008

Honouring The STARS...part 4

To honour the C3A's 7 Active Ageing Ambassador Winners of 2008, the organisers have spared no effort and left no stone unturned so to speak.

Nostalgia and Golden memories were the order for the night. And to bring the best of nostalgia for this occasion'll have to get the very Best in the business of music and entertainment.
For emcee, it was Mr Gold 90.5 himself....Brian Richmond ! I have listened to that rich, golden and mellowed voice of Brian for as long as I can remember since he appeared more than 3 decades ago..on the
airwaves. Believe me when I say this top talent is in a class of his own. He knows his stuff and is extremely easy-going and relaxed. And moreover he has a huge storehouse of songs, singers, tunes, hits and all the quirky tid-bits, all at the tip of his fingers. Amazing!

Here we were, the two of us, comparing our ages...year of birth right down to the month and day.
And we discovered we were both born about 3 weeks apart in the same year! Fancy that! So, if you have never seen two handsome 61 year old man in a picture's one for you!
In case any of you start wondering, Brian is my senior by 3 weeks lah! I called him my " elder brother" and we had such a great laugh over it.

D2 was saying here...I have always enjoyed the sentimental songs of yesteryears that you host on 90.5 Gold, nightly.


peter said...

I first met Brian in the late 70s when he was a DJ at the West End Club, Goodwood Park Hotel. I was a musician then at the same hotel and it weas during my break that I hanged out at the West End to take a rest. I like his current 90.5FM radio program on nice oldie songs.

uncle Dick said...

Yeah, we are long-time fans too of that station.
The 70's were good years for music too.

Lam Chun See said...

Wah ... the Wise Old Owl is now the Famous Wise Old Owl. I saw letters to the press in Today lauding your IT efforts.

Talking about Brian Richmond, you must know that besides being a famous DJ, he was a regular commentator during the Malaysia Cup days. My friend Chuck has written a post here. We put up a list of Brian Richmond classics which you would love I am sure; with some contributions from readers.

uncle Dick said...

Thanks for the link by Chuck! Very nostlagic, I must say. I've added my comments there.
I've so much, too much, I want to blog about and that includes Malaya Cup and Malaysia Cup days...with actual clippings!
So much sweet memories and history of those bygone days.
Thanks also for tipping me off about TODAY paper. Haven't seen it. Is it thursday's edition?

Lam Chun See said...

I think it was earlier than Thursday. A day or 2 after they announced the results I think.

But can do a search for the online version.

uncle Dick said...

C See,
Thanks.I have been given Zaobao and My Paper copies containing the reports.
Will share more later.