Friday, October 10, 2008

Honouring The STARS...part 5.

Thirty years from today, I together with others like star DJ Brian Richmond , would surely be in sheer delirium if we can make it to this same spot and have another snapshot taken...for old time's sake. Of that, I'm quite, quite optimistic as we stroll into our 4th age. Little wee Jordy, my 2 month old grandson seen here with his proud parents D and D and grandmama D2, would by then be on the brink of 30-31 years old. And come to think of it the year would be 2038 ! Hard to imagine huh? But no one nor anything can stop Father Time as he marches on....relentlessly! The Great Depression in the 30's, World War 2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Oil Crisis, Afghanistan, Asian Financial Crisis, 9/11, Iraq war, world terrorism, Pandemics, bird flu and now the deepening world financial crisis...all these may slow down the world

a little. But life must invariably go on after the dark clouds have moved and bright sunshine comes again.

Before Dinner began, the various nominators were invited to receive their prizes too. My daughter D4 received hers from R/Adm Ronnie Tay, the CEO of IDA...which was the Sponsor of my Award.

Pre -Dinner also saw some table to table close-up entertainment. This was some superb close-up card tricks from a seasoned magician of some years. His hand movements were slick and moves undetactable. Even amateur magicians like D2 and I found it difficult to "catch" anything!
Yes, we were both previously members of Ring 115 of the IBM ( International Brotherhood of Magicians ). To be an accepted member, one has to perform a series of magical effects including close-up to a panel of established magicians...and pass the test.

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