Saturday, October 11, 2008

Honouring The STARS...part 8.

These snapshots were captured from off the screen by my daughter D4. There were several pics of me from my Hwa Chong JC days..including a Tug-of-war between staff and students, won of course by...the staff side! I was the front man directing the strategy. Then there were a couple of sporty pics. In one, I was holding a Loudhailer and speaking into it. But the picture does not say much more other than that. As a matter of fact, uncle Dicko here was the Starter-in-Chief for many of the National and Open Canoeing as well as the Dragon Boat Regattas and Championships for many years. I was specially invited by the S'pore Dragon Boat Association and the S'pore Canoe Federation for many years to perform that role. The reason behind this was that I have a long history in sea sports going back to the 60's. But the most important and critical reason is the fact that I was known to be scrupulously fair, cool under duress, and never afraid if I have to disqualify a competitor or an entire dragon boat team based on clear violation of rules. So, has it ever happened? You bet! Even to the hot, pre-race favourite in Dragon boat and in canoeing. ( will blog more about my long involvement in sports later ). The snapshots also showed me and my ukuleles in the background.

There were photo images of my last school entertaining at the school Campfire, playing the guitar.
One showed me and D2 doing Big Game fishing in the Seychelles, of the east African coast.
Another....deep sea diving in the Maldives.
I did not choose these images. They were among the photos that the organisers picked from my albums for the screen shots.

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