Sunday, October 12, 2008

Honouring The STARS...part 9.

In the Awards Presentation Ceremony, we were honoured by the VIPs from the 3 main sponsors who were invited up on stage to personally hand over the beautiful classic crystal trophy to the G-O-H, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan.
I was pre-briefed that I would be the 1st to receive my Award...the Active Agers Infocomm Champion Trophy 2008.
When my name was announced, I walked up to the stage steadily, up the 4 steps, extended my hand to grasp the Minister's outstretched hand. He congratulated me and smiled saying "Well Done!"...then turning to his left gently and got hold of the trophy. He handed the trophy to me. The coterie of media photographers signalled us to pose for a few seconds. These pictures here were the handiwork of D0ra, my daughter with her own digital camera.

The next to receive his Award was Daniel Koh, who is standing next to me in the group photo. He received the Active Agers Prudential Prime Award 2008.
The award recognises the person who is still active in pursuits that are normally associated with younger people.
Following that were the Awards for the 5 most active agers given out by the C3A.

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