Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let's Do the MACARENA !!!

As our medley ended, I heard someone calling out just one magical word that was most familiar to me...and that word was "MACARENA !"
Wow..that was the signal for me to scoot from the stage to grab my Digital C again.
Images of "You got to move it, move it"... the scenes from the epic Madagascar movie floated through my mind.
Sure enough, as these pics from my camera show...it was Macarena time!

Never mind if you don't know the actual dance moves for this exotic song.

Any move you make will do. Or just follow the leader...there were quite a few. Haha. That's the fun!
Follow whom?

I put the English lyrics of the song here. The original version is all in South American lingo...you may get a twisted tongue if you try singing it in the Spanish or Portuguese version.


When I dance they call me macarena and the boys they say that I´m buena they all want me, they can´t have me So they all come and dance beside me move with me jam with me and if your good i take you home with me A la tuhuelpa legria macarena Que tuhuelce paralla legria cosabuena A la tuhuelpa legria macarena Eeeh, macarena A-Hai 2x Now don´t you worry ´bout my boy friend the boy who´s name is Nicorino I don´t want him, ´cause sent him he was no good so I - hahaaaa Now, come on, what was I supposed to do ? He was outta town and his two friends were soooo fine Ref. 2x Claps Ahai Ahai Keys Ref. 2x Lach Come and find me, my name is Macarena always at the party, ´cause the chicos think I´m buena come join me, dance with me and all your fellows cat hello with me Ref. 5x

No need to ask if our G-O-H Mrs Lim was enjoying the occasion or not.
The picture at the VIP table says it all!

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