Friday, October 3, 2008

Look For A Star !

My 1st successful uploading of a video from Youtube is a major milestone for me. The song "Sukiyaki" must have brought back many sweet and nostalgic memories for people of my generation and those after. Some have emailed me their thanks for rekindling their past and comments were also left on the post.
The comment left by Peter ( a blogger-visitor ) is particularly touching.
Please see his comments at that post.
He recalled that around that time there was also another hit song," Look For A Star ".
And how it was one of his father's favourites....and his too!
Well dear Peter, please add me to the list too for this song.
As soon as I first heard the song in the early 60's on radio as a schoolboy, I was hooked.
It was such a lovely song to sing. The lyrics were easy and earthy.
And believe I had done countless times, this song is best sung when you really can sit
under an open night sky, looking up at the stars above!
I used to sit under our huge "Jambu Batu" tree at our old Geylang home, surrounded by
friends and nieces, and strummed on my Ukulele singing this same song! That was so long ago!
And yet the emotions of this song still tugs at our heartstrings.
Above is a scanned image I took from page 10 of my 4 decade old handwritten songbook.
This song 1st appeared in 1961 in the movie " Circus of Horrors". It became a big hit and Billy
Vaughn later did a recording and made it even more popular.
So Peter...thanks for jolting my memory at the right time.
I am dedicating this post and this youtube you.


peter said...

Thanks Dick. Very nice youtube - good memories although sad some times for me.

peter said...

writing down the lyrics was something I did but it was probably in 1964 when I started this hobby. I didn't know other people were into it until I saw your photo. I used to cut-out photos from Fanfare and other entertainment publications to make something similar to what you did.

Was this a school boy passion in your time?

uncle Dick said...

Hi Peter,
Music is a very powerful medium that can evoke many different responses. I share your sentiments on the music-memory-sadness link. It is but one of the many possible ways a particular piece of music or song gently reconnects our mind to past events...whether happy or sad.
You know how I accidentally came into contact with Chun See's Blog..
" Good Morning Yesterday "?
I was googling in 2006 when I chanced upon his site. It was the song title that led me to it!
Another song that always evoke deep sadness and golden,treasured memories from the past,for me,is...
" My Mother's Eyes".
Sure you know this one.
I started my 1st handwritten songbook in 1961. The one I showed is a few years later, my 2nd one.
And yes, I used to cut out this and that from yesteryears. I have "tons" of newspaper clippings etc from the 60's todate.
But I'm not sure if others had the same passion or inclination. None in my family did.