Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On 93.8 Radio station...LIVE !

This is the " LIVE " studio of the 93.8 Radio Station of MediaCorp. I was there as the station's guest for the Programme "The Living Room". Also appearing in the same radio interview was Tang Wing Kee, a fellow AAA winner and Phyllis Choo, an Asst Director from C3A. The host, Stanley Leong is the Senior Producer-Presenter of the station.
We were there about 2 hours ago and I thought I might as well do a fresh blogpost now seeing that the segment that went out LIVE will be repeated from about 10.35 pm tonight. Yes...tonight! So, do catch it while and if you can.

The interview was really easy-going and conducted in a casual manner. No tight or tense feelings anywhere at all. Stanley and his studio colleague Pamela put us at ease so easily.

I won't go into the interesting details
of the interview except to say that it was fun, enjoyable and not to be missed.

When I took my Kamaka Ukulele out from its casing, I sensed the immediate excitement inside the room. Wow! Whoa! " You going to play it for us?" asked Stanley.
" Sure, if you like to hear it !" I replied.
I gently strummed a couple of tunes and then was asked what songs do I play and sing. " My repertoire is quite wide and includes kiddo and funny songs too", I added. "Hey, sing us a funny song !"
I strummed and got into " Ah Cheong Sok"...a funny song about a Chee Cheong Fun seller.
This is the 2nd time that listeners of 93.8 Live get to hear ukulele music from me.
In August last year, I first played the ukulele on the Programme " Travellers Tales" over 3 segments, 3 separate broadcasts. It was then hosted by Yvonne Gomez of the same station.
You can see all the details at my early posts in Sept 2007...at this blogsite.


Stan said...

Thanks for being an inspiration to so many! You and your life is testament to how promising senior life can be!

It was a joy and pleasure to have hosted you this morning on the show. Blessings!

uncle Dick said...

Don't rush into senior life too soon Stan. But when you do get there, entering your 3rd age, I certainly think I'll still be around and hopefully can sing and play for you the song "Ah Cheong Sok" again.
Won't that be something!

JY said...

Dear Uncle - you are getting famous :-) and we are so proud of you!