Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Cartoons from Unk Dicko!

In my previous post [ Part 2 of the "Dinosaur" Story ], I made reference to cartoons and how
through Googling, I discovered one can actually learn many things from the internet.

This is an example of what I did all at one sitting.
I used some of my grandkids' colour pencils and
just drew on a piece of A4 size white paper.

When the two little kiddos saw this they went"WoW!"
Same for my wife and the others.
This happened to be one of their favourite movies.

Me? Now...what else would you like me to draw for you? Your favourite cartoon characters ?

The kids: " YES...please!"

I have given them for keeps all that I drew for them.
If any one is interested, do let me know in comments section and I'll try to retrieve some and put them up here.


JY said...

Hi Uncle - I really like your cartoons! Can you draw one of Tigger (the tiger from Winnie the Pooh)? He is one of my favourites. Thanks.

MiRaCle said...

Hi Uncle Dick..

Happened to came upon your blog...

I was amaze by the cartoons you drew.. They look alive! Heehee..

If you do have the spare time, can i request you to draw "piglet and pooh bear" (yes! both from winnie the pooh too!) together as a piece for me..

Thanks alot.. :D

Its ME said...

Hello, uncle dicko, read your comments and sincerely apologise for mistaken your gender. I am sorry and i have corrected that mistake in my blog on 16OCT'08. Thanks for dropping by. Have a nice day,daily.

uncle Dick said...

To JY and Miracle...mighty glad you appreciate my simple art. Have done a special blogpost and more importantly, the drawings you both requested for...I gave it a try earlier.
Hope you like them.

Unk Dicko