Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Here are 2 memorable snapshots of
the pair of Paul and Wan calling
themselves "The Bistro"...with me.

These two are really nice guys and have an excellent performing style of their own.

I would not hesitate to recommend their musical services to anyone out there.
In my short chat with them I asked if either of them play the ukulele. They were not familiar with it..but after listening to my play, they were very impressed by the sounds of the uke. Wan asked about the uke itself...what it cost. I told him. He was shocked! This was also a first for them...having a ukulele player on board entertaining "Live", together. Well Paul and Wan, ( they have my blogsite address )...if you are reading this, THANKS for the excellent music provided on the night. You guys are great! And if you ever have need for some special UKULELE sounds, you can reach me right here.

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