Monday, October 11, 2010

Active Agers Awards 2010 - entertainment by..Part 3

The evening's entertainment was provided by the versatile duo of Robin and Terry.
Robin did his magic on rhythm guitar and also lead while Terry added the all important bass quality to their singing style.
They must have picked their songs most carefully knowing well beforehand this was an 'oldies' event!
All the songs were from that great era of music...the 50's to the sweet 70's.
They slowly got the listeners warmed up as they gently played those familiar old songs.
As soon as Terry played the intro to that great Russ Hamilton's hit ... I whispered to D2 "Rainbow! ". Sure enough, that got everyone clapping and snapping their fingers as we at our table sang along with Robin and Terry. More joined in, caught by our infectious singing.
We could see that the duo was very motivated and appreciated our warm response to their music.
It was no surprise then that the very next song after that was the one song most old timers will always associate with Russ Hamilton.."We will Make Love".
That got everyone in the hall swooning and grooving again.
D2 wrote out a request for Johnny Horton's " North To Alaska" and R and T responded superbly!
When they took their break, both walked over to our table and thanked us for the support.

Robin and Terry... the entertainers

Rita Chua was introduced as S'pore's own Teresa Teng
Another entertainer for the evening, Rita Chua, catered to those who love Mandarin songs.
Rita said she has not been performing in public for quite some time but decided to do so for this event. She asked the audience to forgive her as she may be "rusty". It was not necessary. She still had a good voice and stage presence and gave quite a good rendition of Teresa Teng's numbers.

The VIP table with President Nathan and Mrs Nathan

Our table # 9

Our Table # 9

A surprise birthday cake was sent to me by the House
After the main course of our dinner, a few waiters approached our table. One was holding a platter with a birthday cake on it. He said to me, " Happy Birthday sir! "
Taken aback, I thanked them but asked who arranged or sent it.
He smiled and said, " It's on the house sir. "
A few others including Eleanor Yap came over and all sang"Happy Birthday" to Unk Dicko.
D2 helped spread the cake around.
On reflection, I have had many a birthday celebrations over the years but Never with VIPs present. And never with the President of Singapore, seated 2 tables away, also present.


stanley said...

Unk Dicko,
Your birthday celebrations were made more memorable with the presence of the distinguished guest,President Nathan. Anyway, may I wish you a belated happy birthday.

unk Dicko said...

Thank you most sincerely, Stanley. It was certainly made all the more memorable as I recalled. No one would have known this but that morning of Oct 2,I was roused from deep slumber, not by my reliable alarm clock. It was by all 4 of my grandchildren who surrounded me with their handdrawn cards and wishing me the sweetest " Happy Birthday Kong Kong!" They had stayed over from the day before (Childrens' Day Oct 1 ). I tell you this much...I would throw away my alarm clock anytime for this new wake up call! It brought me such a tremendous feeling of JOY and a deep realisation of how blessed I have been. My grandsons are 9,7,4 and 2 in age. All 4 are very, very close to me.