Saturday, October 9, 2010

Walking into the Heart of F1 Grand Prix Racing

The Formula 1 Pit Walk was truly an eye-opener for people like us. In all my years of watching Grand Prix racing I never really saw anything of the vehicles, their racing crew and management team up close. What we actually saw was much more than that. The entire race infrastructure was open to us including all the technical equipment they were using...refuelling, tyre change...the whole works in fact!
The atmosphere created by the constant buzz of non-stop activity all around the race circuit ensured there would be no dull moments for everyone present.
D2 and I enjoyed that PIT walk tremendously despite its briefness.
After leaving the PIT area of the Paddock Club, we decided to spoil ourselves within the opulence of the Club itself...enjoying the many attractions that were laid out before us.
But with limited time before the next F1 practice session revs up, we thought it wiser to have a quick cocktail amidst the luxurious settings and headed for the Singapore FLYER.

This photo was sent to me by MP Cynthia Phua via her H/phone.

She used her Ipad as a camera.
I must confess here that I did not realise how good some of these new gadgets have become when used as a camera! The image captured by Cynthia is as good as by any digital camera.
However, I'm uncertain if all Ipads, mobile phones can produce such quality pics.
Those of you using similar gadgets...can you enlighten me?

Girls & fast cars are part of the irresistible F1 attraction and package

Aha...finally you are looking our way, yeah !

Alonso's booth attracted the most crowd.!

People crowded around as news filtered out...he was present.

Even D2 could not get too near at Alonso's garage

MP Cynthia showing her versatility with her IPad

This is one of the most popular of teams...Red Bull !

The F1 cannot succeed without people like these stewards.

One final snapshot as we walked off the race track.

Unk Dicko was last one out of the PIT before they closed it.

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