Monday, October 11, 2010

Active Agers Awards 2010...part 2.

Brian Richmond has been the long-time host of Gold 90.5 Fm, especially of the popular 'dedicate and song request' segment. He has also been closely associated with these Annual C3A awards since its the M C.
So before anything began, we had a quick chat. It was always good to meet up with my " older by 3 week, senior" and friend. How did I know all that?
I have blogged about it in 2008, HERE.

" How are things? " Brian asked.
" No change.. and you are still older by 3 weeks!", I answered and we laughed most heartily.
He'll always remember that and. For me, as I'm listening to his golden voice on Sunday nights...
my mind goes, ''ah Brian, good ole' Brian.. my older senore ".

Our handshake is always very,very firm !

Unk Dicko and Eleanor Yap...a great friend and lady writer.
She is the owner of this Here.

The Banner for the evening said it all.
All? Not all lah!
Yes, the date is clear as transparent glass for all to see. But no
one knew it was also my personal 'Big and sentimental ' day, that day, except my wifey.
Yes Unk Dicko was born on October 2nd some 63 years, ago same as Brian, born 3 weeks earlier in the same year.

With fellow AAA winners -Mr Sabapathy (2009) and Mr Singh( 2007)

Brian.. all ready to roll out his cute one-liners and lively jokes.

Our table was # 9
L to R: D2, Unk Dicko, Daniel Koh and wife, Mrs K's daughter.

This was still before the President arrived. He was delayed
slightly. It could be because, unknown to any of us inside the hall, at about 5.40 pm that same day, Mrs lee Kuan Yew had passed away at home.
Obviously news of such a happening must be relayed to all in the government and elsewhere...
and some advice to go with it.
None of us were aware.

I only knew when an SMS reached us...that was after President SR Nathan had arrived.


jlow said...

Happy Belated Birthday Uncle Dick.

unk Dicko said...

Thank you very much indeed J!
Much appreciated.