Friday, October 1, 2010

At the F1 Grand Prix...Paddock Club, Temasek Suite

View from Level 1 Paddock Club

We drove and parked at Kallang Theatre. From there it was a simple matter, after stringent security checks, to board the shuttle van or bus provided. The service was excellent. All the way, I felt if I was a foreign visitor to this Grand Prix, I would be exceedingly pleased.
Before we boarded, there were lady hostess who served cold drinks. Just what we actually needed at that moment.
And cool towelletes too!

Another view from Level 1 Paddock Club

The short drive was short but pleasant. Once we arrived at the entrance to the Paddock Club, it looked as though those waiting to serve their guests ( we were treated as such throughout ) were more in numbers than the guests themselves. And these young men and ladies have been trained well certainly. Kudos to their trainers and supervisors. I did not see anyone in idle gossip or in some quiet corners using their private mobiles.
They really were out to please and ensure the comfort and pleasure of their guests.
It was near 7 pm. The S'pore Flyer in background.

We did not even have to show our special ticket as the lanyard was hung over the neck and easily noticeable.
" Sir, Madam...this way please "...was the common expression.
 In no time at all we were near the place we were to be hosted by...The Temasek Suite.
I  whipped out my camera to snap off a few shots as seen in these pics.
The Singapore Flyer

The view of the surroundings from the Paddock Club is beautiful.
However, the views from the FLYER as it rotates slowly were even more stunning. That would come later.
Ingrid and Bill aka STRICTLY STRINGS in Temasek Suite

As we walked towards our destination, we passed by many other suites belonging to the various Teams...Ferrari, Red Bull, Renault   etc..and some corporates ones like Singapore Airlines, Singtel.  Once we arrived at the Temasek Suite situated at the end of the Paddock Club, we stepped into a posh, glitzzy world of fine dining, set in a nice ambience.
The waiters here have been well-trained too, providing superb, excellent service.
 We were served delightful tidbits and there was enough variety of fine food to suit all taste buds.

This duo entertained at Dinner with excellent music

As everyone settled down to the business of dining , I heard some music from across my table. A lady violinist and a gentleman playing the accordion was moving from table to table serenading the guests.
 They played some popular classical and comtemporary pieces superbly, combining very well as a duo.
When the were at my table, D2 asked them where they came from thinking they were Hungarians.
" We're from Australia !" they proclaimed proudly.

The tunes were lovely, I could not resist clapping along

So, well and good...Australia. I stood up to clap along with their music.
Then I asked Bill and Ingrid to play for me a catchy Aussie folksong " Gundagai".
They nodded happily and so began. Unk Dicko
sang along with them as I knew the lyrics ( in my head ).
D2 was so enthralled she too requested for a Scottish or Irish tune.


Andy Young* said...

Fantastik unk. Wish I had some to be there. Glad you enjoyed.

unk Dicko said...

It was a most captivating and enthralling full-package,total experience and would have cost a bomb!