Saturday, October 16, 2010

DOLLAH KASSIM - In Memory and Tribute

Many visitors have been searching my blog for past and the latest news about the late Dollah Kassim. Yes, I have a number of stories about Dollah and our great Team of the 70's here...accompanied by original newsclips of the match reports. However, in my archived sports file kept at home, I have a large amount of newsclips and pages from the past.
Many of my news and material are still in their original full page size.
For scanning on my humble homescanner, that is always a BIG headache...without cutting it into
smaller portions. My scanner takes up to A 4 size. So anything that is bigger cannot be captured in one scan. It needs to be broken down into parts as I've done below for this Straits Times report of Friday 15 October 2010.
But that comes with some obvious disadvantages as the entire format of the story has been cut.
Still sharing it on the blog is better than just keeping things under wrap.
That's what I usually do when I do not want to cut the original newsprint into smaller portions.
Folding it into something "scannable" seems to be one way out.
That's the practical side of me taking over.
The report below is a glowing tribute to the late Dollah Kassim written by Jeffery Low, the
former veteran sports writer of the Straits Times and The New Paper.

To read the article, simply click on the image.

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