Friday, October 8, 2010

Inside Temasek Suite....F1 Night Grand Prix 2010

As we sat down to enjoy the fine dining inside the Temasek Suite, we heard the roar and rumbling of souped up engines. The Formula I cars were getting ready to do their practice trials.
Fortunately for us, we need not have to use the ear plugs provided, inside the Suite. We were somewhat protected by the thick infrastructure around us. Fellow guests whipped out their cameras and tried as I did to try and capture a "shot" of an F1 car. It wasn't easy ! Within that split second of seeing that car and my finger clicking on the camera button...the car was out of picture range and view. I had a couple of blank images when I checked.
The trick , as I soon learnt from trial and error, is to point and focus my camera at a particular spot and clicked away . Not chasing or following the car from R to L.

I caught this image as the red car sped past at top speed.

This orange one too...but it was going super-fast .

The sounds of Vroom, vroom, vroom of these high-decibel racing engines can be heard everywhere and in every corner of the vicinity of the race circuit. As I listened carefully, I realised these booming loud sounds were the real thing that made the Grand Prix so exciting to one and all. The pounding and the shrills permeate the skin and body. They go right through your inner ears into the brian centre. I believe that not only the F1 drivers experience a high adrenaline flow but spectators too.
Imagine for a moment, if all the cars are completely SILENT as they race around the track...I think all the seats will be empty of people.
It is the noise that is of the greatest attraction in a Grand Prix!

Ingrid and Bill aka Strictly Strings entertaining..Temasek Suite.
They were a very versatile pair of entertainers. I could not resist and stopped eating to join them
as they played. They did not sing, only played...she the violin and he the accordion. So I sang for them.

Unk Dicko sang along with their catchy tunes.

This pair was simply a top class act...they got me jiving !
When they ended their medley, they said to me," You know the music and lyrics of the songs we play so well! "
I introduced myself by giving them my personal card.
" Oh, no wonder, you are a Ukulele player. How nice ! "
They gave me their business card too.

Senior Minister of State Mr S Iswaran and D2

Eversince the F1 Night Grand Prix started in Singapore, one face was and still is always associated with it. That face belongs to none other than Mr S Iswaran...Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry and also for Education. Yes, he holds two portfolios. For the F1, Mr Iswaran is the designated Minister and official Host. That's why he was going round from table
to table to chat with everyone of the guests, including us.

With the Hosting Minister of the F1 Grand Prix himself
So what did we chat about ?
With D2 it was education.
With me it was about our own "kampong". One thing is certain, it is difficult to find a better host than S Iswaran for this mega, world class event.

Unk Dicko & D2 with the family of MP Cynthia Phua
Quite a number of Cabinet Ministers and MPs were also present that night. We 'bumped"
into MP Cynthia Phua and her family. We are actually good friends and also "kampong" people.

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