Saturday, October 30, 2010

TYPHOON at Serangoon North ...part 2.

Early this morning, while my grandkids were all sound asleep, I drove to all the various locations that were affected by the Typhoon. The time was 1.30 am when we arrived at Serangoon North Avenue I neighbourhood. We walked around to survey the damage. There were still residents, here and there, doing the same. Some had cameras with them, same as I did too. We spoke to a couple of them. All expressed the same thing...they had never before experienced such a ferocious typhoon in all their years here in Singapore.

So, it definitely should not be downplayed as something akin to a normal, everyday occurence.
That would be a mistake and perhaps even foolhardy for the future to assume so.
Readers would recall the most tragic case of that young man crushed by a fallen tree while he was driving along Yio Chu Kang road during a rainstorm, recently. And that storm was mild compared to what occured yesterday at Sg North.
It truly was only good fortune that no one was seriously hurt while trees and branches were toppling all over.
Much was done to clear the debris obstructing traffic.
Much more is needed to be done even today from our assessment.

D2 beside a tree that was split in half!
Sg North Village - 1.35am, 30 Oct 2010

D2 and I surveying the damage at Sg North

At Blk 127, Sg North many trees were affected.

We met other residents of the area between 1.30 -2.00 am

Most of the trees and branches were still around.

It was widespread in some locations

These were healthy looking trees before
The destruction was a sight to behold for unbelieving eyes

Unk Dicko checking a solid tree branch

Blk 151, Sg North was badly hit by falling tree branches

Several vehicles were badly damaged here, Blk 151.
Near Blk 151 was one of the most affected areas

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