Saturday, October 30, 2010

TYPHOON at Serangoon North Village !

It was truly unexpected. It came quite suddenly to the tranquil township of Serangoon North Village, Yio Chu Kang Road, Poh Huat Road and other nearby areas.
It was around 5.30 pm yesterday, Friday 29 October 2010 when a very heavy rainstorm swept through these areas, accompanied by typhoon force winds which wreaked destruction on a scale never seen before in this kampong.

Huge branches from sturdy trees broke off and fell like nine pins. Some trees also toppled. Around my home, we witnessed swirlings winds that shook everything outside. We were fortunate, the trees and other plants near us swayed from side to side but did not break. It was a completely different story especially at Sg North Village. Many blocks were affected. Worst hit was probably Blk 151 where a row of vehicles was badly damaged by the huge tree branches felling right over them.
Along Poh Huat Road and Yio Chu Kang Road the scene was similar...the road was blocked by many fallen branches, causing chaos to traffic flow.
The residents of Sg North Village led by many of the GRLs ( Grassroot Leaders ) sprang into action as soon as the storm abated. They had help from the Town Council, Sg CC, the Police and other Govt agencies.

All chipped in to help clear the huge mass of fallen trees and branches which caused widespread
obstruction in quite a big area over there.
It was truly excellent 'gotong-royong' teamwork and community spirit that got the problem cleared up rather quickly...allowing traffic to resume.
Looking back, it was fortunate that no one was hurt or injured in this freak typhoon burst.
[ Below is the breaking news report from AsiaOne online ]

[ Photo: AsiaOne news online ]

[ Photo: ]
Fri, Oct 29, 2010AsiaOne
Fallen trees cause traffic jam, broken roofs in Serangoon North

HEAVY rain and strong winds on Friday afternoon caused several trees at Serangoon North Avenue 1 to snap and break-off, causing traffic disruptions and damage to rooftops.
According to eyewitness accounts on citizen journalism website Stomp, some 15 to 20 trees fell during a bout of gusty winds and showers at around 5pm. The entire stretch of Serangoon North service road was inaccessible for an extended period, with police deployed on site to redirect vehicles. The Straits Times also reported that a public bus no. 147 was hit by a falling branch during the storm, with a female passenger taken to hospital.
Photographs sent in by readers to Stomp also showed a van in a public carpark hit by a fallen
tree and broken tiles of a housing block walkway.

[ Photo: AsiaOne news online ]

[ Photo: AsiaOne news online ]

[ Photo: AsiaOne news online ]


Andy Young* said...

Heard it from a friend. It's also in our newspapers and on TV but with very diluted reporting.

The instant trees that Singapore is so proud of are now instant firewood.

Imagine the havoc and destruction Singapore could face in the future.

Is it only the beginning?

unk Dicko said...

Last night and again this morning, me and wifey went personally to survey the destruction caused by the Typhoon. I read a most diluted, sanitised report in the papers this morning. Not a very accurate assessment of the terror felt by those who had experienced it yesterday. THE POWER OF THAT TYPHOON WAS NOT THE "USUAL" TYPE OF STORM SEEN IN THE LAST 30, 40 YEARS AT LEAST. At least, I've never seen such force so widespread.
You're ask is this only the beginning.
One good thing though...the HDB should be mighty proud. Our HDB blocks are super SOLID. No danger there.
Btw,most of those trees are not diseased. All healthy.

Thimbuktu said...

Good to know that the HDB building structure is rugged, firm and strong against the test of this unusual type of typhoon.

Thank God people are safe. Sorry for the cars damaged by the fallen trees.