Monday, October 4, 2010

Unk Dicko has written well over a MILLION words in 3 years of blogging!

  It was on 21 September 2007 that I started this BLOG with my very 1st post.

You can see that early post by checking out my archives. Though only 3 years have passed, it seems to me like it was far longer than that. That could be because, unlike the majority of bloggers, I have been blogging regularly with hardly any let up, almost daily, since the day I started doing so in January 2007 at our private, closed Yippie Blogsite.

What do I blog about and what is the average length in words of a single blogpost?

The subject matter of my posts are all highlighted under archives.
The length of each post varies greatly. I have no preconceived, fixed notion. Some so-called guidelines
or advice on the internet suggest between 500 - 600 words as a suitable figure for a post. I suppose the advice given is only for general consideration and non-specific for any purpose.
However, I am not unduly concerned with brevity or length.  Content and substance in my writings are more important to me. 
Thus as a result, some of my posts are brief but many are much longer than most.
On the average, by my conservative estimate, most of my blogposts are between the 800 - 1,200 word
range. Many went beyond that.

Here is another look at what I have achieved in just 3 years of blogging.
I have 4 blogsites. To date, the total number of posts are as follow:-

1.  The Yippie Blog               -   253 posts

2.  Unk Dicko's Storeroom    -   189 posts

3.  Serangoon our Kampong  -   106 posts

4.  The Wise Old Owl            -   833 posts

Total count is  1,381  blogposts. 
3 years is 365 x 3 =  1095 days
Divide blogpost total by days total =  1.2611  blog per day on average.

How much time, energy and effort have been expended in these last 3 years?
A huge amount I would say but it is pointless to calculate this.
Since blogging is in my blood and has brought me much untold happiness and satisfaction, I
never needed to compare what I could have done with all that time and energy had I spent it in
a quest for accumulating more wealth or just idling it away.
But I was nevertheless still curious about just how many words I have pounded out on my keyboard since the very 1st day I was hooked as a green as green "greenhorn" rookie in blogging.

So....just guessing,  1,381 posts  x 1000 words  =  1, 381,000  words.
Even at  800 words per post it is                       =  1. 1048  million words

That many number of words translate into the equivalent of at least 20 or more average length book or novel!!!
This is an actual fact, no fiction indeed.
Unk Dicko has written more than a MILLION words in just 3 years of individual-inspired blogging.
Downloaded and uploaded a ton of pictures and images and documents and newsclips too.
Written blogposts that are still featured and highlighted on quite a number of International websites,
reputable foreign websites and regularly read by top universities in the USA, UK, Europe and Asia
and also by quite a few ministries of several countries. Some have posted my links on their websites...
to check for this and for that.
On looking back,it has been a glorious 3 years, no regrets at all.

 Unk Dicko did some research on the internet on the question of the number of words contained in an average book or novel. Here is one account posted on 2 -10- 2006 by Liz Strauss, a known Blogger and writer. In her own words she said ..........

How Many Words Does It Take to Make a Book?

Here are the word counts for 10 books you might know.

    1. Malcolm Gladwell’s Book, Blink is a 70,731-word message.
     2. Steve Farber’s Radical Leap tells the story in 33,825 words. 3. Seth Godin uses 30,655 words to describe a Purple Cow. 4. Stephen Covey needed 100,519 words to explain The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. 5. It took David Allen 76,858 words to write his way of Getting Things Done. 6. Race Through the Forest, a fable, by Timothy Johnson needed only 18,508 words. 7. Writing White Papers by Michael A. Stelzner required only 38,664 words to do what was necessary. 8. Beyond Code by Rajesh Setty is about 30,000 words. 9. Robert Scobel and Shel Israel spent 78,994 words in Naked Conversations. 10.Queen Klutz by Marti Lawrence recount her humorous stories in 26, 485 words.
As you can see, the word counts vary wildly. But 60,000 is probably as good of a benchmark as any. My hope is you don’t hold it too tightly. . . .
I once asked, “How many words do you need to make a book?”
And a wise man told me, “As many as you need and not one more.”


Lam Chun See said...

Congratulations on your achievement. But do pardon me for pouring some cold water. Total number of words written, divided by average number of words per book, equals X books. I think that kind of Arithmetic is flawed. Here are my reasons.


Very often it takes more effort to use fewer words than to use more. Hence when writing a blog post, most of us don’t really plan our language carefully, resulting in us using far more words than necessary to say what we want to say. On the other hand, if you were writing a book, you have to revise and revise and revise. My experience writing my book Ideas@work taught me how much work it involved.

I revised the contents and rearranged many times. And I proofread many times and still discovered typo errors. That’s why I say the Arithmetic is flawed.

I think my ‘tua hia’ (elder brother), James Seah will not mind if I used him as an example. He wrote an article in my blog about a Chap Goh Meh fire-crackers party at Havelock Rd once. I wanted to use it for my new book (have not asked his permission yet). I had to spend a long time editing out unnecessary words and phrases and the result was probably less than half of the original length.


Writing a book is much more than just compiling all the blog essays as I am discovering now in turning my blog into a book. You just can’t pick the articles like ingredients for a dish and put them together. You practically have to rewrite everything. The only time-saving is perhaps in the research of contents and the compilation of information.

Having said all that, I wonder why anyone is silly enough to want to write a book :(

Lam Chun See said...

Hey I wrote a lengthy comment earlier and it showed up as an error. Pls tell me you have received it.

unk Dicko said...

This happens to be the 3rd anniversary of this blog. As a matter of summary, I was just wondering FOR THE FUN of it and out of CURIOSITY..asking myself if I could have hammered on my keyboards over a million words. That and nothing more.
Over a million, below half million, or whatever makes no difference to my life...right now or even tomorrow. In another words I was simply "musing"...the words I used was just that "guessing" ( for fun ) nothing serious.
So "pouring cold water" on my blogpost seems rather fierce and out of place.
Moreover, I have no intention at all to write any book even from my many blogposts.
What I quoted about books was just that from a lady writer. All the figures are hers.