Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update & further analysis on The Heartbeat Molester

From various online sources, here are more background info and details of the latest crimes committed by this 'garang' monster.

[ Internet free source image ]

Apparently he was first noticed in 1999. This does not mean that he only started on his predatory spree that very year. It could very well be much earlier. I do not have the statistics for percentage of molest cases reported to the police in Singapore ..versus those who didn't. But in the USA, it is generally accepted that only 1 - 10 % of child molest incidents are reported.
That means the vast majority ( 90% or more ) are never reported.

The reason for this is obvious.
The young victim is traumatised and possibly cannot recall much about the culprit...especially if it is someone who is a complete stranger.
Fear overwhelms the young victims and their memory suffers.
Family members also do not want them to be further questioned by all kinds of law officers.
The fear of great distress, helplessness and embarassment, if they were to report the incident, often outweighs the almost impossible faint hope of catching the culprit.
The most critical factor is the young age of the victims.

What about in Singapore?
If we extrapolate from this scenario and apply it to our case of the Heartbeat may mean that he may not have 20 victims as reported but the number could be more than a hundred easily! Some of his unreported victims may even hold some important clues to tracing his identity. For example, does he not carry a handphone? If he did and if he had used it to film his young victims...and the victims told their parents..some parents will rather just hushed up and not pursue any further.
But if he did , such info given to the police is certainly valuable.

The latest incidents as reported:
1. On 26 August 2010, he molested a 11 year old girl at Punggol.
Time: 2.15 pm

2. On 30 September 2010, he molested another 11 year old girl at Hougang.
Time: 2 pm

3. On 8 October 2010, he molested a 9 year old girl at Anchorvale, Sengkang.
Time: 3 pm

Unk Dicko's Analysis of the Info:

Notice the timespan between attacks. It may be less if there are unreported
cases as can be assumed from statistics. Anyway, that's still conjecture at this stage. Let's look at the hard facts.
August 26 is a Thursday
September 30 is a Thursday
October 8 is a Friday

So two Thursdays and one Friday...all between 2 pm - 3 pm.
Could this mean he is not as free on the other days? Why?
Why is he so free on these 2 days and at those times? Off duty, assuming he's working?
If he's working and has colleagues someone will sooner or later recognise him and put 2 and 2
But if he's working for no one like driving his own cab...that's different.
According to the reports, this monster was featured in Crimewatch programme in 2003 which exposed his M O. He has been lying low for nearly 7 years before resuming his attacks recently.
What happened in that 7 years? Assuming he did not attack anyone, we need to ask WHY?
Fear? For 7 long years? And now very "garang" and brave again?
Maybe he went overseas to work?
If he did it would explain his so-called "lying low" for 7 years.
If that be the case, could he be a ship's crew? The police report says he is "very tanned" and fit -looking.
I think it's an angle worth looking into.


Anonymous said...

Dick, you sound like Inspector Colombo! I agree with you that that the guy needs to be caught! Bloody pervert. With the picture, how come the Police can't find him? Very disturbing!

unk Dicko said...

The main obstacle in dealing with crimes against young children is that the young victims often CANNOT recall or remember or give ACCURATE,PRECISE descriptions of the criminal beyond the basic facts...he is a male, about like this, about like that..etc.
They also do not possess the necessary vocab to describe details that could paint a better picture of the crime and the scumbag.
With older, teenage or adult victims..the molester is often caught as the victims CAN provide accurate details.
That's the main reason WHY this particular coward picks on little children for his sick perversity.
Ps: I've solved more than 300 incidents of offences and crimes when I was still working.

TheLaughingSamurai said...

I'm lazy to sign in to my blog account.
Anyway, I have my hypotheses for some of your questions. I don't have enough evidence to back it up. I thought I should share my thoughts anyway. would you like to hear my hypotheses? But I don't know if it is a good idea to share them hear considering that the molester might be reading this.

unk Dicko said...

Hi Samurai,
Go right ahead and put your thoughts down. You and anyone else are most welcome to do so. Do not worry at all about the criminal reading all this. Your comment here will be safe with me until I PUBLISH it, after any editing if necessary.
So, no problem...just shoot away.
I am able to assess the 'sensitivity' of the hypotheses or whatever.
Trust me.

TheLaughingSamurai said...

Hypothesis 4. Places he chose to molest the girls, and places he was able to observe little girls walking out of schools or nearby schools.

His watchtower is probably in HDB multi-story car parks or coffee shops at the lobby of HDB flats near the campuses.

The places he chose to strike were somewhere nearby but at the same time slightly further away so that he could make it look like he was leaving the place for good. He would follow the girl to her block and lure her a bit further away to somewhere he lies to her about a false unit which he obviously doesn't live in and molests her along the way.

This then makes partially more sense as to why he disappeared for so long. For 7 years is ridiculous. But maybe in the last one year he may have already picked his targets and carefully studied the location and the girl's routine in order to follow her home. In that 7 years he could also be doing like what you might have pointed out - manipulating his victims or the victims' families. He could also be stalking other girls. Otherwise, it's just that he decided to change his taste back to little girls and couldn't control his appetite.

unk Dicko said...

Hi dear Samurai,
Thank you for sending in that analysis.I commend you for the effort and good thought behind it.
As promised, I'll digest it first before publishing the results..after editing.
You might also like to analyse the famous case of the 2 missing boys, 1986, in the meantime.

TheLaughingSamurai said...

with pleasure. but i'll try to stick with the heartbeat molester first. I want to make sure justice is served. No more traumatic experiences for little girls. It's really fun being a high school detective. Unfortunately, I never really had the chance of showcasing my hobby. I did solve a case once back when I was in sec 2. However at that time I was afraid to give my hypothesis when I solved it. The happy thing was to find out much later that I was actually right.

TheLaughingSamurai said...

I just heard about the new case is up - Mr. Fake-Policemen. I think I might have seen him at parkway parade on Monday at Cold Storage. He might be the guy. If I have the luxury, I'll gladly deduce that and the two missing boys case together.

TheLaughingSamurai said...

I've just read the papers today about the molester's arrest. well done to the police. I've also just heard and read about the new case of the perverted Mr. Fake-Policeman. I'll work on that too if I'm available this weekend. When I'm more free, I'll try to deduce the case of the 2 missing boys as well.

unk Dicko said...

Good for you Samurai. Be alert and keep on the look out always.