Wednesday, November 10, 2010

369 has spoken twice...what's our Govt reply?

It really pains me and made me very sad to learn that yet another "slashing'' had taken place.
The gangsters have sent their message to our government.
What is government response going to be??

Things are getting out of hand, out of control.
If our ministers in government, all MPs and the relevant people WHO ARE AUTHORISED TO USE ARMED FORCE AND ALL FORCE AT THEIR DISPOSAL to deal with these internal TERRORISTS sit back, to wait for the next, and the next, and the next 369 or other gang attack to take place....then matters will escalate.
More innocent blood will flow on the streets. More innocent lives will be lost.
You can be sure the police will be there to investigate etc.
It's necessary but completely retroactive.
Always reacting AFTER a terrible gang the publicity advantage to the gangsters involved.
The public is now truly OUTRAGE !
They feel most frightened and insecure because the school holidays are already here and their kids will be out there!
I have friends and others urgently asking me for ADVICE on how to safeguard their teenage children in the light of these terrible times.
I feel some of our Ministers at least should come out openly to make some STRONG STATEMENTS about these gangs and WHAT the government can do about it right now, not after 50 more murders!
The police might want to take a leaf from H K in the mid 70's...when they got the ENTIRE police force to crack down on all the traids, gangs and ss members. Thousands were nabbed. Many gangs were decimated and never recovered from that one HUGE blow.
Why are we waiting? What are we waiting for?
We also have a strong army at peace that can be used as additional strongarm.
The strongest are our own CITIZENS - 4 million, many would jump in if called upon to help.

Sad to say, I've not heard a single minister touch on this yet since the DTE murder...yet quite a few have been attending security conferences etc.. etc..

Below is the AsiaOne online News Report
Last night, while I was about to appear on Channel News Asia Blog TV 'Live' hosted by the Flying Dutchman and co-host Georgina, the producer informed me right inside the studio..that another
gang attack with parangs had occurred at Bukit Panjang.
My immediate response was, " Any fatalities? "
That's always my concern for innocent or even not so innocent victims.

Youths attacked by '369' gang members

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» Video: 7 hurt in Bukit Panjang slashings
» Downtown East murder case

SIX students have been hospitalised after suffering injuries from yet another gang-related slashing incident.
Seven youths brandishing chopping knives went on a slashing rampage at Bukit Panjang, around 10pm on Monday night.
In a report in Lianhe Wanbao, they were heard shouting gang slogan "Sah Lak Kau" (Hokkien for 369).

The attacks come less than two weeks after another gang-related incident led to the death of Republic Polytechnic student Darren Ng, who was hacked to death by a group of youths at Downtown East.
According to eye witnesses, the attackers - believed to be a group of seven or eight men - were seen slashing their first victim, a 20-year-old Indian man near Blk 418 Fajar Road.
In less than five minutes, witnesses saw them approaching the basketball court, located 500m away and next to Greenridge Shopping Centre near Blk 505 Jelapang Road.
Twenty youths were resting after a soccer game and just as they were about to leave, they were confronted by the attackers, who were holding 16-inch parangs.
One of the victims, a 18-year-old polytechnic student, known only as Mr Chen, told Lianhe Wanbao: "They pointed the knives at us and shouted 'Sah Lak Kau'.
"They also asked if we are members of 'Pak Hai Tong' and when we said no, they surrounded us and started slashing us."
He also said that the youngest among them was only eight years old.
Pak Hai Tong is the Hokkien name of another gang.
According to a reporter from the Chinese daily, a total of seven people were injured and six were sent to hospital. One of them refused to be hospitalised.
The father of the first victim told Lianhe Wanbao that his son, Mr Jayasiva Shangar Guru, was on his way home that night.
He also told him that he did not know the members of the gang.
Mr Jayasiva was found lying motionless in a pool of blood by a friend who saw the attack while jogging and started screaming for help.
The attack damaged his main artery and five tendons in his left limb. He might not be able to walk for the next six months.
Three victims whom The Straits Times spoke to also said "the attacks were unprovoked and they did not know their attackers". They denied being involved in gangs.
No one has been arrested so far.
Gang fights
Residents who spoke with Lianhe Wanbao revealed that there have been recent incidents of youths fighting in the area, including on the night of the slashing incident.
Residents also said that they would often see a group of youngsters gathering at the scene of the incident but they did not know what they were doing.
Parents living in the area are worried and one even said: "Why is this happening again? Not long ago, a student was killed at Downtown East and now it's happening here.
"Of course we're worried!"

[ Source: AsiaOne online News ]


fr said...

Hello, Unk Dicko, you sounded a bit agitated. I think they will come up with something.

As Andy Young mentioned, the Government came down hard on them in the 60s. I doubt they will let this scourge rear its head again.

I think there is also a law that allows people posing a threat to society (leaders of these gangs for example) to be detained for 2 years.

unk Dicko said...

Hi Fr,
We are a nation perfectly at peace within and without.
S'pore has more than 20,000 police officers and a sizeable SAF..all supposedly doing their utmost to provide peace and safety to our own people.
Do you feel safe...really safe, NOW ?
If you check out all the forums..the answers are there.
Do you all REALLY KNOW how many students, teenagers, adults are :

1. Directly involved in secret society as full members?
2. As associate members? ( Do you all know what that term means in ss parlance? ).
3. As friends and links to gangs ?

If I were to release my findings you will all fall off your chairs !
They have multiplied and multiplied while our most unfortunate new policing system called "Neighbourhood police post" scheme...while sounding good, has turned absolutely SOFT, INEFFECTIVE, with those pcs knowing very little of WHAT really is happening around them.
The Gangs knew this and have been taking FULL ADVANTAGE since ages ago !!!
I'm also greatly aghast about the situation in schools...the perfect BREEDING GROUNDS for recruitment of new gangsters, both boys and girls.
I CAN probably write a damning EXPOSE of what has been hidden from the public and from PARLIAMENT!
The press does not know.
The media do not know.
The full extent of the PROBLEM is mind-boggling!
It's not a joke.
Agitated is a mild word.

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