Friday, November 19, 2010

What's the Most Important Gang Weapon Today?

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Nov 18, 2010
2 with knife arrested
By Vanessa Jalleh

A photo of the two teenagers was posted on citizen
journalism website Stomp.

TWO youths have been arrested for brandishing a knife onboard an MRT train.
The incident occurred in December 2009.
The suspects, aged 16 and 17 years, were on a train with two friends on New Year's eve when one of them took out a knife from his bag and started posing with it, while his friend took a photo.
A photo of the suspects brandishing the knife was later uploaded onto citizen journalism website Stomp.
The two teenagers have been released on bail and are still under investigation.
They are also being investigated for gang-related offences.
Unk Dicko's Comments:
Take it from me that there are still some more of such senseless and brainless "hot air balloons",
carrying different kinds of weapons hidden in bags they carry or on their persons. Police on their rounds should make random checks at every opportunity. The checks should be THOROUGH.
Some of the most incriminating evidence linking these scums to their direct links with gangs can often be found in their :-
1. Wallets:
Long list of Telephone contact numbers, sometimes more than 200 names, coded names and many with such prefixes as " god-aunty, 4th aunty, 5th aunty, ta-jie, 2nd ta-jie, apple #1, apple #2, candy #1, Candy#2, and many nicknames...ah xiao, ah boy, cockroach, scorpion, devil, etc.. etc..
In addition, there will be name cards, tattoo cards, arcade cards, games hall, gang photos often
taken as a close kit group..etc.. The stupid ones even have their gang numbers or name advertised on those picture cards.
Items that are stolen can be found in their wallet too...stolen NRIC, buspass, EZ link cards,
ATM cards, drug packets, drug pills, etc...
Large amount of cash is a an indicator of illegal or criminal activity for such thugs.
2. Hand or Mobile Phone:
Contains a lot of information that can link them to gangs.
To me, the Handphone and not the chopper or parang is the
For with just a few clicks on his mobile, he can transmit all kinds of coded message to his fellow gang members to do any number of things. An Example only:-
xxxx - Disperse now !
M - Meet at usual place.
MM - Meet at usual place Urgently! ( Calling for reinforcement over gang problem )
MW - Meet up, with Weapons ! ( An impending or expected fight or ambush of opponents ).
and any other kind of pre-arranged signals known to fellow gang members.
Holding a mobile in his hand that can summon a small army of thugs in minutes, a 15 year old hooligan feels very mighty and powerful. The gang has tried it before on "dry runs" and anyone who was supposed to turn up but did not ( no excuses excepted ) will later be severely punished to instill FEAR and COMPLETE SUBMISSION to the GANG LEADER, HEADMAN or his deputies. The punishment is usually a horrific, physical assault on the member ( even very new ones, age is immaterial ) carried out by fellow gang members that humiliates the victim...slapping, punching, kicking, spitting into the face, stomping, burning with cigarette butts, etc.... Most victims are too fearful to report even though they suffer injury as they have been warned that a WORSE fate will befall them if they do.
There have been countless victims such as I've painted, over the years, in practically all the schools and elsewhere.
This severe gang punishment is only for those who miss the "regular, scheduled meet up"..mandotory !
What about those who WANT to LEAVE the gang finally ?
Can you imagine WHAT kind of punishment or severe penalty they will face?
Just missing a meet up and you get horribly whacked...
And now they hear direct news that you want to leave the gang !... all hell break lose for you !
You can never imagine the FEAR and TROUBLE of some of those who went through the hellish process...of trying to opt out, on their own without any "help".
Unk Dicko has helped many so called "tough" ss chaps, some holding ranks, to get out usually after they have got a most terrible hammering from their own gang members.
How many of this came about, some with my close work with the SSB, is far too detailed for blogging. So I shall save it for confidential sharing with police or other agencies or the MOE or MCYS if invited by them.


Anonymous said...

Looking at these two guys, they seem like small-timers to me. But then again, these are the ones who are most dangerous. They will strike without thinking!

unk Dicko said...

Age is NO LONGER THE CRITERIA to judge danger and misbehaviour.
It is the ACTION or potential harm they can cause that is the real danger here.
Many of our citizens must be SHOCKED to read that all these crazy zombies carrying parangs, choppers and knifes after having been arrested, charged in court etc..ARE THEN RELEASED ON BAIL !!! Look at their smiling faces. They show not a shred of remorse or even an understanding of their crimes and the seriousness of it.
Same with the DTE murderers...they swaggered into court, showing defiance! And they are facing DEATH !
Many people out there are outraged that they are so easily released...those carrying weapons.
We URGENTLY need our LAWS to be amended.
More people should learn to speak up!