Thursday, November 4, 2010

Heartbeat Molester ARRESTED ...latest news!

"Heartbeat molester" arrested
By Alvina Soh
Posted: 03 November 2010 2252 hrs
Channel News Asia online

Police have arrested a 47-year-old Singaporean, believed to be the serial molester who would ask his victims to feel his heartbeat before molesting them.Police said a member of the public, who had seen the CCTV image published by the media, came forward and provided information to the police.

Officers raided a residential unit in Compassvale on Tuesday and arrested the suspect.He is believed to be responsible for at least three cases of outrage of modesty.Police are still investigating the cases.The suspect will be charged in court on Thursday.

If convicted, he may be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years' jail and caned.

- CNA/al

Unk Dicko's Comments:

I have written a few detailed posts about this scumbag. Check my October 2010 Archives.
In my posts I said he "thinks he's very clever but has already MADE the BIGGEST mistake " in his long years of criminal activity.
What was that mistake?
His image was captured by CCTV cameras and publicised widely, including this well-read blog.

In addition, I surmised that he is most likely to be living within this sector of his hunting grounds...the NE. And Compassvale is right in the heart of this NE enclave!
Lastly, I was most certain that someone would be able to remember his publicised image/profile and superimposed that over an actual person resembling him that they suspect.
That seems to be the case in this latest report above.

Unk Dicko has nothing but high praise for that "member of the public" who did several things so well.
1. Able to do superimposition over a suspect
2. Civic-minded enough to come forward and inform the police.
Just stepping forward and the whole situation has turned on its head!

I'm also certain that besides this gallant person there were others who may have seen some similarities especially those who live in his block. They could have come forward but did not due to fear, "bo-chap ", " my-chap"...not our " business", "jangan carik pasal" etc..

Hopefully our Singaporeans will change their attitude to be more outgoing and look out for others as well.
Well DONE our police team responsible!


jlow said...

KUDOS to the brave soul who came forward and provided information to the police.

Uncle Dick, I like the paler green color of your new feathers.

unk Dicko said...

Parents of younger children need to teach and coach their kids well with regards to potential dangers outside their homes.
Combatting crime is everyone's civic duty. Heartbeat Molester is just ONE of the many predators out in our urban jungle. Such predators also exist right within the hallowed thing we call "family".
J, thanks for liking my new clothes. Me too, I like the pleasing colours. Look like I will not change my feathers for sometime.