Friday, November 19, 2010

Another SLASHING at AMK ! ...what can police do?

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Nov 19, 2010
Teen slashed in AMK
By Bryan Huang

In yet another incident of youth violence, a 17-year old , who was acquainted with the alleged attacker, also 17, was slashed on the right shoulder at Block 448, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 at about 7pm. --PHOTO: TNP

POLICE have arrested a teenager who was involved in an attack on another youth in Ang Mo Kio on Thursday.
In yet another incident of youth violence, a 17-year old , who was acquainted with the alleged attacker, also 17, was slashed on the right shoulder at Block 448, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 at about 7pm.

The victim, who left a blood trail from outside a 24-hour restaurant, where the attack took place, was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.
The New Paper reported on Friday that the two youths had got into a loud dispute and a shoving match before the victim was knifed.
A police spokesman told on Friday morning that the incident had nothing to do with gang activities, and investigations are ongoing.
The latest incident comes after a teen was slashed to death at Downtown East and seven others were attacked in Bukit Panjang.
Unk Dicko's Comments:
And only early this morning, I had stated clearly in my post..." Take it from me, there are still MORE out there..." referring to these brainless youths who are carrying LETHAL WEAPONS that can KILL with just a few slashes, stabs or swings.
When I saw this latest report online, it further confirms what I know about the "Real" situation
out there.
It is high time our S'pore Police Force relook their operation strategies to combat this rising scourge of gangs and violence.
The Courts and our Laws only come in when these samsengs are caught AFTER commission of crimes.
" We need to destroy not only the adult mosquitoes but to prevent the mosquitoes from breeding. Look for breeding grounds...larva, stagnant water, foul drians, cesspools.
Destroy these and the larva cannot turn into mosquitoes."
Our police need to be braver and smarter.
The commanders of all police divisions in S'pore should organise a SPECIAL PLAINCLOTHES ANTI-CRIME, ANTI-SS UNIT in each of their own divisions. The manpower for this are already there.
S'pore also has a large pool of police officers in the Special Constabulary both NS and Volunteers. All are trained in general police work.
I say select the BEST of them...and form them into a cogent taskforce to take out these multiplying hooligans. They too should be out of uniform and trained. Fully armed.
You only need to convert selected uniformed officers into plainclothes officers. They are fully armed and have the usual assortments, including hand-cuffs, extra rounds, etc...all unseen on their persons.
Keep this Taskforce operating openly where the public and DEFINITELY the samsengs know about it. Not all police action should be covert.
Most to be effective should be overt.
I speak from experience.....


Anonymous said...

Dick, I find all this unnerving. It's like the gates of hell has suddenly opened and unleased all these crazies into our streets. Do these SS have connections with overseas triads? We talk about lawlessness in JB but it has come home.

unk Dicko said...

" Do these SS have connections with overseas triads ?" asked.
The answer is YES and NO.
Many of these street gangs today, though violent and dangerous, are loosely "founded" by older adult gangsters these last 2 decades. Its quite easy actually to start a gang from scratch..birds of a feather flock together. Let's say "X" and "Y" decides to form a gang. They start recruiting actively..among students and dropouts. They need to put on a "show" that their group is POWERFUL enough, fierce enough, scary enough to frighten anyone. Only then can they get more youths to join them. No one likes to be in a "sotong" gang!
So they'll deliberately CREATE some incidents regularly inside the school and outside....spreading more fear and terror of anyone connected with them. Their aim is to SPREAD by any means that "we mean business. you mess with us and you pay dearly."
OF COURSE, WHILE ALL THIS ARE REAL THREATS...they are all so much inflated "hot air" and bullshit.
They perpetuate these myths to self-inflate their own egos and that of their gang.
Thus you see the 2 nitwits on the MRT carrying the parang and even foolishly uploading onto Youtube videos. They are not the only buffoons. There are more WHO HAVE POSTED THEIR SS VIDEOS, POEMS, PHOTOS, RECRUITMENT VIDS..ETC..which the GOVERNMENT and the POLICE should track and NAB !
Such arrogance should never be tolerated in our civil society.
These 'hot air' street gangs DO NOT have known connections to overseas traids or gangs.

But the higher structure of the older traids DO HAVE ACTUAL AND REAL CONNECTIONS TO MANY OVERSEAS TRAIDS.
The details of their connections are quite extensive to USA, Europe, Asia, SE Asia, Australia, NZ..Mid-east.
However, most of their activity is centred on the lucrative international drug trafficking, smuggling, sex industry, human trafficking and money laundering.
They are not involved in all these slashings and violent gangs acts of recent weeks.
Is I have the time, I'll write about the traids in detail...A to Z.

Anonymous said...

You should write a book on this, especially with your extensive knowledge. I wonder if part of the problem is that we have too many scholars in the high levels of the police force who have no experience dealing with these punks. All the experienced and street-wise inspectors have probably retired due to the 'hentak kaki'syndrome suffered by non-scholars.I remember attending a CID briefing during the 80s for army officers. The detectives looked like gangsters themselves!Not sure if the baby-faced detectives these days will frighten anyone!

unk Dicko said...

Personally, I think if our beloved MM LKY is much younger like he was in the 60's and 70's...he would have issued an ORDER likely amounting to an ULTIMATUM for the HOME MINISTRY to have a nation-wide CRACKDOWN on all thugs, gangsters and secret societies.
Unfortunately, today that has changed somewhat disappointingly.
Our ministers and top civil servants and others mostly are all living in comfort and security, safe from these street scums and zombies in our urban jungle.
Their offices are safe.
Their homes are safe.
Their kids are reasonably well-protected and their families too.
Ministers have full security officers round the clock, many others too.
Most of them may not REALLY UNDERSTAND the day-to-day life out there in our urban jungle..much of it controlled by these wild gangs running their turfs like packs of wolves out for blood..all the time.
MM was very different..he often went into the lion's den to see things for himself. He set the BEST how can TOP police officers and their men not do so?
They have to show they were as TOUGH, if not tougher !
I was in one special unit..myself and I have this to say, even today,...there's simply no comparison between the past and today.
Also no comparison between our in-born toughness and these hot air balloons.

Lam Chun See said...

In all fairness to our men in blue, they are turning up the heat now. The problem is nowadays, our gahmen seems to be more reactive than proactive. Maybe the past couple of years, they have been distracted by the Mas Selamat fiasco.