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DTE killing...3 MORE CAUGHT, 2 more to go !

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Nov 19, 2010
3 more youths charged

By Khushwant Singh

[ ST photo by Wong Kwai Chow ]
Left to right: Chong Rui Hong, 18, Jason Chew Wei Beng, 20 and Ng Wei Lun, 18.
All three were ordered to be remanded in Central police division till Nov 26.

THREE youths were charged on Friday with the murder of 19-year-old polytechnic student Darren Ng in Downtown East last month, bringing the total to eight suspects arrested so far.
Chong Rui Hong, 18, Ng Wei Lun, 18, and Jason Chew Wei Beng, 20, were ordered to be remanded in Central police division till Nov 26.

The judge also issued an order that they could be taken out to assist police in investigations.

The trio is believed to have joined a group who hacked polytechnic student Darren to death with choppers at the Downtown East entertainment hub after a gang-related dispute on Oct 30.
Four alleged accomplices were first arrested on Nov 13.

At the mention of their cases on Tuesday, Chen Wei Zhen, 19, Ho Wui Ming, 20, and Tang Jia Min, 21, were ordered to be detained at the Changi Medical Complex in Changi prison. Edward Tay Wei Loong, 18, is recovering in hospital after injuring himself while fleeing from the police.

The fifth suspect, Louis Tong Qing Yao, 17 - who was arrested on Nov 2 for illegal moneylending activities - was charged for Darren's murder on Nov 10. On Tuesday, he was ordered to be remanded in the Central police division to assist in investigations. He also faces three loanshark harassment charges after he allegedly scribbled graffiti in Bishan and Serangoon North and splashed paint at a flat in Hougang

Two suspected accomplices -

Stillwell Ong Keat Pin, 19, and Ho Wei Quan - are still at large.

Unk Dicko's Comments:
Kudos to all the field officers out there involved in the relentless hunt for these 3 samseng killers. You can be sure that the public is pleased to see this. The police and the government cannot rest until this scourge of resurgence in teenage violence is completely put down...and rubbed out.
So there were 10 rotten Humpty-Dumptys carrying parangs sitting on the wall.
First 3 were caught, 1 literally fell down and 1 more while on the run went on a spree of crime.
5 + 3 = 8 caught.
Eight have fallen from their high pedestal of crime, secret society and murder.
Only 2 more to go. The police said they are still at large...but as you can see their names are already known.
Once that happens it will only be a matter of time before the other 2 rotten Humpty Dumptys will also fall.

Ps: To ensure they do not escape, perhaps the MHA could issue their photos to the media and press. And just like the "heartbeat molester" ...Singapore is so small, there's NO WHERE THIS KIND OF SCUMS CAN HIDE FOREVER. Yes, they may run but cannot hide for long.
More than 4 million pairs of eyes will be looking out for to hide?

The school background of all these 40 odd samsengs nabbed SHOULD BE THOROUGHLY CHECKED. It would not surprise me at all that everyone of them are still LINKED to MANY of the present students in their former schools or in those schools they have some "control and influence". ( Remember the 19 nincompoops , many heavily tattooed, who turned up in court to show gang support to their arrested "brothers"....these are not all they have in their gangs. They have many, many more. Remember the large numbers at the funeral wake of the victim...many of the opposing gang members would have been there too. Press reports said more than a thousand were there !)
If the Police Intelligence Unit and the CID is up to it, they would have captured all the beautiful snapshots of many of the suspected gang members of FHS that had the fued with 369.
In the coming weeks and months even these FHS chaps would feel the heat...not just 369.
Some may already have over-exposed themselves and captured so clearly on TV during their rantings. Police and SSB officers will pick them up at leisure.

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