Wednesday, November 17, 2010

GOVT will REVIEW all Laws to Tackle Gangs

Singapore News

MHA to review gangs, youth violence laws
By Wayne Chan
Posted: 16 November 2010 1346 hrs
CNA online news
Masagos Zulkifli, Minister of State for Education and Home Affairs.

The government is considering if laws need to be tweaked to give more police power and sentencing options to deal with gangs and youth violence. This came in the wake of the recent Downtown East murder and armed rioting at Bukit Panjang.
Minister of State for Education and Home Affairs, Masagos Zulkifli, said the review would take between six and nine months.Speaking to reporters at a news conference, Mr Masagos said the upcoming review is aimed at clamping down the threat of street gangs.Beyond sentencing options and police powers, the review will also look at the powers other institutions need to ensure street gangs do not take root in the society.
Mr Masagos also stressed that the government, schools and parents need to work together to help the youth-at-risk.
He cautioned against over-using legislation and oversimplifying the solution to the recent problems, which are multi-faceted and need customised solutions.
He said: "The existing legislation framework is actually sufficient, but we also have to be forward looking - to look at the kind of trends our youth go through, the environment they live in. "And we have to ensure that these are all cogent in addressing the issues, so that relevant laws can be put into play to address the issues."
Mr Masagos said there are programmes currently available to help youth-at-risk such as school dropouts.
But the message that must be sent out is that while these programmes give them many chances, the law will come down hard on those who cross the line.
Sherrin Chua, assistant director of Community Involvement, Singapore Police Force, said: "In the coming school holidays, the police will be intensifying our checks at the youth congregation hotspots. "We wish to reiterate that the police do not condone any acts of violence. And those who disregard the law, regardless of their age, will be dealt with accordingly."
The authorities also urge parents to call the
police hotline
at 1800-225-000,
if they suspect their children are involved in secret society activities.

Unk Dicko's Comments:
I would like to commend and thank Minister of State, Mr Masagos Zulkifli for coming out clearly and strongly against gangs and youth violence at his News Conference. More importantly, he has on behalf of the government, assured the public at large that the Ministry of Home Affairs WILL REVIEW OUR PRESENT LAWS with regards to dealing with gangs, secret societies and thugs.
Our government has been known to be able to adept and react FAST to any kind of situation. This assurance by Mr Masagos serves to confirm the intent and hopefully the fact as it unfolds.
For the Review Committee to be able to carry out its major Task properly and effectively, it should be PROVIDED WITH THE "REAL FACTS, FIGURES AND DATA'' on the actual situation of Gangs and s s related incidents, recruitment, harassment, intimidation, extent of their network and structure, all manner of gang activity all schools, Jcs, ITEs, Polys, University, in the SAF, SCDF, and all levels of our society.
The most important area to FOCUS on is what has actually been going on in all our schools, all these years, over the last 10-15 years when the gangs have been recruiting non-stop from WITHIN EACH OWN SCHOOL, Primary or Secondary, the ITEs, JCs etc...
Most schools did not really know how to deal with the ss.
Only some cases may be reported in a year, if at all.
It is imperative that the Review Committee GET THE FULL PICTURE of the situation or else its recommendations will be muted and prove ineffective.
The whole of Singapore, except the samseng kias, will back the government on NEW STRONG MEASURES .
Some form of physical punishment for our wild and violent girls should be considered too.


Anonymous said...

I remember the police raiding my kampong in the early 70s and rounding up anyone they suspected of being a samseng kia and giving them a terrible haircut on the the spot! One with patches on the head! The samseng kia will then be forced to go to the barber and shave his whole head. Such measures were aimed at humiliating them.I am not sure it will work today.

unk Dicko said...

The gang culture and situation today is quite different from the past.
As a special unit plainclothes officer,I was on many anti-crime duties, raids and operations...nabbing many. These were the so-called "real gangsters" of those days. My team of just 3 of us even caught one with a gun at Amber Road. Others with other weapons. We covered a wide area in our anti-crime work.
They paid for their crimes or involvement with gangs..being sent to jail. For many years,I walked in the areas that I and my fellow officers had operated before...recognising some past characters, here and there.
NEVER ONCE DID ANY OF THEM SHOW ANY RUDENESS OR WHATEVER TO ME. No danger at all..even though I was not armed with my police issued gun when out of duty. When on operations, I was FULLY ARMED. Everywhere...I can walk and no gang character from the known past will even think of starting something.
At least there was that understanding in gangs of the past...You just do not threaten or intimidate police officers at all.
Today, the youngish hooligans, with no STRICT Leaders above them, with no morals or honour even among themselves, can only think of one thing.." we must be the MOST FEARED GANG, so feared that even other gangsters run away from us...when they so much as hear of us, just one of us can make a whole school TREMBLE..That's the kind of samseng kias we must be. SMILE even if we are charged in court facing the Death penalty! Don't be scared. Everything will be taken care of..."
We are now seeing the end results of counselling policies that are TOO SOFT, Police that have been TOO SOFT, A Govt that has been TOO SOFT, Schools that are totally at a loss on what and how to deal with this S S element inside their school ( Large Numbers!!! Many Gangs, not one!!! ).
We have Laws..but they have not been applied to their MAXIMUM and FULL EXTENT.
A large segment of our population, those middle-class, rich and wealthy have not much to worry or care about. They are well-protected.
What about the rest of the kids in school and out there?