Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Silviu Ionescu ..Remains in Prison

For a moment, earlier news reports that Silviu Ionescu may be released from detention by Romania's courts must have raised eyebrows of everyone concerned for justice and the victims of this case. Once he is released, there may be no guarantee that with his criminal connections he cannot make a permanent run for it. Many people charged for serious crimes are NEVER released even temporarily. Those foolishly released by the courts tend to disappear altogether...permanently!
So, the Romanian courts did the right thing when they decided not to let him out. Ionescu may not realise it yet but will appreciate it by and by.He's actually safer inside prison than outside. Obviously this chap has been an international embarassment to the good image of Romania as a country, not just their justice system.
So, if they wanted to get rid of him it would be accomplished more easily outside.
Report below is from CNA online news

Photo source: CNA online news
Former Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu will remain in prison in Bucharest.His appeal for release from detention under judicial supervision was denied by Romania's courts on Tuesday.Romanian prosecutors successfully argued for the judge not to grant the appeal, and extended the ex-diplomat's detention warrant.50-year old Ionescu is accused of hitting three pedestrians in a hit-and-run accident in Bukit Panjang in Singapore on December 15 last year.One of the pedestrians died.Ionescu will be in court again on November 17.

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