Friday, November 26, 2010

Another youth arrested for inciting online Violence

15-year-old arrested for inciting violence online
By Wayne Chan
Posted: 25 November 2010 2116 hrs

CNA news online

Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy for inciting violence online following the Downtown East gang murder which occured on 31 October.
The arrest was made on November 22.
The suspect is said to have posted comments on YouTube related to the Downtown East slashing, claiming he was from a gang.
This happened on the afternoon of November 4.
He also challenged other online users in the video wall postings to meet for a fight at a specific date, time and location.
The suspect has since been released on bail and is being investigated for making a statement to incite public mischief via electronic means under Section 505(b) of the Penal Code Cap 224. Director of the Criminal Investigation Department and Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ng Boon Gay, said that statements which can cause fear or incite violence are against the law even when hiding behind the anonimity of the Internet.
Anyone who does so can be jailed for up to three years, fined or both.
Unk Dicko's Comments:
Hope that can be a big lesson to the reckless youths and other irresponsible people who visit forums and blogsites to post insensitive or incendiary statements.
I say well done to the police !

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