Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bt Panjang Attack..6 Nabbed ! Also 19 fellow gang members 369 arrested in court.

Six nabbed in connection with Bt Panjang gang fight

Posted: 10 November, 2010 2013 hrs, CNA news online.

Police have arrested six people, aged between 15 and 23 years, in connection with a gang fight at Bukit Panjang on Monday night.The alleged assault took place at about 10pm, at Block 418, Fajar Road where a 20-year-old man was slashed and later hospitalised.
Not long after, the group of attackers, some armed with choppers, rained blows on six others near a basketball court at Jelapang Road some 400 metres from the first site.

Police added investigations so far do not indicate that the Bukit Panjang attacks are related to the murder case at Downtown East that happened on 30 October.
It has also been found that the Downtown East case was connected to gang-related disputes involving the deceased, victims and assailants, and not from a staring incident as reported earlier.

Police added that 19 young men between 17 and 22 years old were arrested at the Subordinate Courts on Wednesday.
They are believed to be gang members.
Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Ng Boon Gay, said: "Youth offenders involved in violent crimes must be warned that they will not be treated lightly simply because of their age. There is no excuse for violence and no leniency for those who disregard the law. All gang behaviour will be dealt with firmly and decisively, including taking action against those who turn up at the courts in force as a show of support for their fellow gangsters. They will face the full brunt of the law, including the Criminal Law
(Temporary Provisions) Act."

- CNA/ir
Unk Dicko's Comments:
1. This swift action by the police in nabbing 6 of the gang attackers signify they must have been working round-the -clock and with a large investigating team. It is indeed most commendable. Hopefully the remainder of those brutal scums will be tracked down soon.None of those involved should be allowed to escape. Even those not involved directly in the attack but are members of this scourge should be put away for the safety and sake of our people and nation.
I hope police will use Section 55 to keep them inside until we devise some other ways TO ENSURE THAT BEFORE THEY ARE RELEASED, THEY WILL NEVER AGAIN BE "SECURITY RISKS". Same strict reasoning as applied to those under detention by ISD for terrorism. These gangsters are definitely "Terrorists" however you define the word.
2. I salute the Director of CID, Sr Asst Commissioner of Police Ng Boon Gay for coming out with the STRONGEST STATEMENT AGAINST these violent youths and gangsters. It is most heartening and most encouraging to know that the POLICE will exert all its powers to ensure they face the " Full Brunt of the LAW ".
Now, it remains to be seen how our Courts will deal with them.
I am fully confident the entire population will be on the side of the LAW and in FULL support of our Courts when it comes to meting out the harshest punishment possible...for these internal terrorists.
3. The Police must be highly commended for arresting all those 19 "fellow terrorists" most with
heavily tattooed bodies, whom I'd described in previous posts about such scums as all "macho-bravo " hot air balloons. Such scumbags have been dishing out their particular brand of hell to the weak and innocent, those whom they can easily intimidate and bully. Now, let's see them acting tough surrounded by hard-nosed lawmen.
Let's see if they dare to utter, " Kua si mi ?" against these lawmen or when they appear in court in front of the judges.
You'll be surprised how many pussy-cats you will find. Even One Eyed Dragon could not act like his nickname suggested as he was led up the steps to the gallows.


Cherry Charlie118 said...

"Wise men say - Only fools rush in"

unk Dicko said...

Hi Cherry Charlie,
Your selection is most apt indeed.
But there's more...

"..and I can't help falling in love with you."
[ Well, see where the deep love of their brotherhood has brought them ]

The next verse is:
"Shall I stay, would it be a Sin?"
[ The police and the court have replied to that beautiful line in the most appropriate manner! ]

Andy Young* said...

Hey Dick,
Listened to you intently on CNA/BlogTV just now with DJ Flying Dutchman, etc.

Wow, you must have done these young fellows some good when you were a teacher (I guess, discipline master too.)

Congrats. I hope the programme is effective enough so viewers will realise how dangerous and serious the gangster problem in Singapore can be.

unk Dicko said...

Hi Andy,
Was never a Discipline Master in all my years.
Most DMs cannot handle such "hot potatoes" with ss background and full extended connections outside. If they could this problem would have been licked long time ago.
But I do not blame the DMs.
Many Principals and even higher ups are simply TOO AFRAID to take strong action against such students in their own sch. Many reasons for this which I won't go into...maybe much later.