Friday, November 12, 2010

Bt Panjang Gang Attack..6 More caught, total 12!

[ Photo: Shin Min Daily news ]
Breaking News Story
Nov 12, 2010
Six more suspects held
By Jermyn Chow

SIX more people were arrested on Thursday in connection with two armed attacks in Bukit Panjang which left seven youngsters injured on Monday.
The men, aged between 19 and 25, were collared after officers from the Secret Societies Branch of the Criminal Investigation Department carried out raids in Balestier and
Bukit Batok.
It brings the number arrested over Monday's attacks to 12.

A 20-year-old man, Jayasiva Shangar Guru, was slashed by a group of tanned-skinned youths armed with parangs and choppers at about 10pm at Block 418, Fajar Road. The group is believed to have then attacked six teenage boys at Block 505, Jelapang Road.
The 20-year-old is in hospital with injuries to his legs and back. The others also needed treatment.
Earlier the same evening, a group of youths kicked and punched a tanned-skinned teenager near the spot where the slashings later took place. It is believed all the attacks could be linked.

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Unk Dicko's Comment:
The Police crackdown has started. Round the clock investigation by various police agencies has reulted in the speedy identification of these scumsbags who should be TAUGHT A LESSON THEY CANNOT FORGET FOR A LONG, LONG TIME .
Kudos to our hardworking field officers for this !
I hope they and our Division police officers would NOW come down hard on these S S elements
wherever they are. Even if they are lying low, which many will do, identify them, go to their houses, knock on the door, pull them out from the safety of their hideouts. When residents see all this happening, their spirits will be uplifted.
When gang members realise there's a BIG CRACKDOWN going on...widespread across all corners of Singapore, this year's end of the year S S Recruitment at all schools and neighbourhoods will be very muted.
And that will help all schools in the new year when the new Sec One intake begins.

Unk Dicko has been dealing with and countering this problem for many years...most successfully! Normal policies in school for reigning in these SS elements do not work at all.
The strategies and methods I'd used cannot be shared publicly for obvious reasons.
If the MOE is really bothered and interested in solving some of this eternal problems,
they know how to get in touch with me...seriously speaking.
The Govt has always said and often repeatedly, " those who have retired have much to contribute with THEIR WIDE EXPERIENCE, SKILLS, TALENT, KNOWHOW . Their experience should be tapped. "


Anonymous said...

Dick, I was in Victoria School and I saw first hand how some of my male teachers handled some of the so-called gangsters. I saw Mr Retnam Pierre slap a student who was reputed to be gang member. Teachers like Mr. Mok, Mr. Sooceleraj, Mr. Wee and Mr Jelani were tough guys who were not cowed by these characters. Even the mild manered Mr. Menon had his way of dealing with these people. We as students looked up to them and respected them. There were gang members but everyone knew these teachers would band together against these ruffians. There was a time when the Jalan Besar car park was used as a venue for settlement talks between 2 rival gangs. Some of the members were from the school. Mr Mok, called the police and I remember a black Maria van coming and the ruffians were rounded up and put into the Maria van. They were driven away. A few hours later the boys from the school were brought back by the police. Their faces were all battered. Mr Mok kept them outside the office and everyone could see how such peoplecwere treated. It sent a strong message to everyone.

I am not sure if teachers inspire such confidence these days. I was relief teaching at Queensway for a while during university. What I saw shocked me. The teachers who inspired the students were in the minority. Having said that, it should be the parents who guide their children.

One final thought is that all these HK, Bollywood and Hollywood movies glorify gangsters and triads as honorable people with a code.

unk Dicko said...

I know all the teachers you have mentioned...including Jelani who's a personal friend.
Thanks v much for sharing such inspiring and uplifting snippets. I can confirm absolutely your observations about our brave teachers such as the late Mr Mok Khoon Yam, Mr Retnam Pierre and the others like S Sooceleraj etc..
I have witnessed with my very own eyes some of the unbelievable things they did to these samsengs. There were just a handful of them then unlike today where as many as 30% or more of a school population are involved in gangs. Unbelievable huh?
Better believe it.
That means out of a general sch pop of say 1,500 students... at least 450 or so are involved !
That is only ONE SCHOOL.
Multiply that with 200 Sec Schools and you get the BIG picture.
I have caught a few in the school with more than $500 in their pockets!
Where did the money come from?
Forced monthly payments to their S S gangs collected from their members within and without the school.
The thing is they can all be crippled and decimated.
AND THE MOE 'SENT THE P INTO A SORT OF EXILE'. The P did nothing more than just flashing some papers at the face of that student.
But these ss elements knew how to BLOW UP the minor thing until it was not only FRONT PAGE NEWS but the MOE had to call for special briefings for ALL Ps in Singapore schools... to give warnings to Ps, VPs and down the line...
The SHOCK and REACTION was extremely great by all teachers, Ps, VPs, even police officers battling the rising tide of youth gangsterism.
IT WAS THE SINGLE, BIGGEST VICTORY BY THE S S ELEMENTS handled to them on a silver platter!!!
Till today, the schools have not recovered from that HUGE LETDOWN by the MOE.
Imagine what would have happened to Mr Mok and company who despite being so puny in size have slapped students twice their size for displaying samseng behaviour, IF THEY WERE TRS TODAY ?
They would have been unceremoniously sacked...MAYBE EVEN CHARGED! IRONY of it all...they CONTRIBUTED SO MUCH TO THE SAFETY OF OTHER STUDENTS, RIGHT?
The MOE is now caught in a spiral of their own undoing.

Cherry Charlie118 said...

Parents, teachers and educators can guide and teach them the right stuffs but outside influences do affect them tremendously.