Friday, November 5, 2010

Gangland Revenge Killing...1998 newsclip. Is it worth it ?

On May 4 1998, a 22 year old gangster Tan Lai Kim and his gangland friends were having drinks at a coffeeshop in Cheong Chin Nam Road, off Upper Bukit Timah Road when they were attacked by opposing secret society members. Deadly weapons such as knives, parangs and choppers were used in the premeditated, well-planned ambush.

During the attack, Tan was the worst hit. He was cornered and viciously slashed. The artery in his left leg was cut and he soon bled to death...much like what happened to the late Darren Ng.
Four of the killers were eventually caught and received jail sentences and 12 strokes of the rotan.
The main culprit received 18 strokes.

To read clearly...just click on the report.

[ Straits Times: 7 Mar 2002 ]

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