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The GOVERNMENT has replied.... !

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Nov 12, 2010
Govt will not hesitate to act on gangs
By Jeremy Au Yong

'The concern is understandable because these are not random acts.
They were senseless violence. They were revenge attacks,' Mr Shanmugam said.

CLOSE to 200 people involved in secret societies are currently detained under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act, and the Government is prepared to use it on even more perpetrators if necessary.

Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam said yesterday the State would not hesitate to hold people under the Act as it moves to stamp out gang activity in Singapore.
And if there was a need for new laws to prevent the looser street gangs of today comprising youths from taking root, the Government was prepared to look into the matter, he indicated.

Speaking to reporters at a press briefing yesterday, he said: Where we can, we will charge them (gang members) in court for the serious offences, and they will face very serious consequences, as you can see from the actions we've taken.
"Where those who need to be put under CL (criminal Law) detention, we will do so, we will not hesitate. No one can doubt our resolve in that."
The Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act was introduced in 1955 and empowers the authorities to detain people suspected of criminal activities without trial. Historically, it has been deployed to control secret society activity.
Read the full story in Saturday's edition of The Straits Times.
Unk Dicko's Comments:
Finally the Home Affairs Minister Mr K Shanmugam has spoken out loudly and clearly. He is the first Minister to speak about the recent gang attacks. I hope more Ministers and MPs should be concerned enough to speak out in similar fashion to show a CLEAR MESSAGE to these cowardly scums to change their way of life, stop their nonsense and get back on the right track.
No half-hearted approach or measures will work when dealing with gangsters hell-bent on killing people.
The Crackdown should increase in intensity in the coming weeks and months. These gangs are very resilient. Unless continued pressure is applied by the police and all our won't be too long before they bounce right back.
For example, many of these gangsters will be drafted into N S when they reach the age. Many are presently serving in N S. Many are already known to the police, especially the SSB.
It should not be too difficult to keep tabs and monitor them aggressively provided the relevant info is forwarded to the SAF.
Parliament could also amend our N S laws and policies to extend the NS years by additional 2-3 years for those found to be still involved in gangs and secret societies...even after they have served jail time for crimes committed. We have to make it tougher for these teenagers and older gangsters and let them know what they will be facing.
In the schools, many of the most unbelievable incidents engineered by samseng elements against teachers, VPs, Ps, OMs, DMs....are by samseng girls of the worst kind. They have behind them adult samsengs who coach and back them up. These need not always be their parents or other family members. Many a time...they are goaded by their older "god-aunties, god-sisters, go-mothers" wreak havoc and hell on the school system.
Nan Chiau High School in 2004 was not the only case, though it was THE WORST CASE of its kind. Practically all our schools have experienced such situations before, year in year out.
Tougher measures, perhaps even laws may need to be effected as punishment for female samsengs. Many have asked in forums...WHY CAN'T THEY TOO BE CANED ?
Parents cane their own beloved children...boys and girls. That's alright. That's ok.
Schools cane their students who break school rules....BUT only the BOYS .
Girls break the same school rules with greater intensity and frequency....What happens to them?
No caning. Nothing. No physical pain from punishment as inflicted on male students.
No wonder they feel like the Almighty!
Perhaps, it's time for the govt to rethink the strategy and philosophy for the long term good of our nation.

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