Tuesday, November 16, 2010

High Time to Increase PUNISHMENT !

[ Photo: S T, L to R - Azad, Nurul Aisyah, Effendi ]
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Nov 15, 2010

4 charged for choppers
By Khushwant Singh

The two kitchen choppers that were seized by the police.


AS ONE of the four teenagers arrested on Saturday at the Pasir Ris Costa Sands Chalet for possession of two choppers is not yet 16 years old, she was charged in the juvenile court.
In a district court less than 100m away on Sunday, her three older friends were having similar charges read to them by the Malay interpreter.

Muhammad Faiz Muhammad Effendi, 19, is alleged to have a kitchen chopper hidden under his shirt that Saturday while Nurul Aisyah Osman had another chopper hidden in her handbag.
Both are aged 18. Also charged was Azad Khan Azlan, 17. He and the underage friend were charged with consorting with persons armed with dangerous weapons.
All are believed to be involved in gang activities.

Unk Dicko's Comments:

They obviously are displaying a "we couldn't care less attitude" by their carrying these dangerous choppers on their body and handbag. All this despite knowing that the crackdown against gangs and thugs have begun.
According to the Chinese evening papers, after they were charged in court and led out by police officers..."they were smiling ".

Those smiles will cost them dearly as they clearly show a kind of teenage defiance against law and authority. The court will not take kindly to such arrogance...and neither will the police or prison officers.
Perhaps, it's high time that MPs and Parliament should call for the toughening up of our laws with respect to meting out punishment for anyone caught :-

1. Carrying a weapon in his or her possession.
2. Proven to have stashed away weapons for armed attacks. Many of these thugs, both male and
female, do hide some of their weapons for easy retrieval in secure hiding places.

We ought to make it something similar to anyone caught in possession of a gun or ammunition.
It is a MOST SERIOUS OFFENCE and deserve the maximum penalty under the LAW.


peter said...

I can imagine the day when a law will be passed like what we nhave to buy those mobile SIMCARD.

One must produce an Singapore ID to buy a kitchen chopper at a supermarket, pasar malam , DIY store, neighbourhood store or even in a wet market. Sounds stupid?

The problem lies at what I call people who have low self esteem - people who need to brag and show off they got power. In the presence of a group, they show their leadership by talk and act tough. As a single person, "balls shrivel up" if I put it that way. This is not secret society or triads. This is hooliganism. One on way these hooligans are scare. I personally had to deal with one case when I was in primary school; all because one Primary 2 overaged student "boh song" with me. But I guess times have changed, nowdays one group beat up one guy is the trend.

I am shocked that some school principals do not allow the police to investigate school hooliganism because they want to score perfect star in their annual grading exercise. That being the case, how can teachers do their work to enforce discipline? I have witnessed one time a bunch of Chestnut drive students just after shcool congreate along Chestnut Avenue to "settle score". Imagine one group of boys beat up one student and the school girls were laughing. Mind you they beat up the student in the middle of a public road.

The fact some of those Downtown thugs did NS and come from republic Poly leads me to wonder whether NS today has gone soft or our third poly has dropped grades to accept mediocre students. I would have thought such hooliganism is associated with ITE.

Maybe some parents have to be blamed because they want teachers to be like gentlemen and counsellors dealing with social/pyschological problems. Banning pubs or gaming arcades is not the way. Just be tough and get the police to shoot first - talk later. Dont hesitate to hang or detain at the President's pleasure....That was how LKY solved the problem (BTW forget what the western media or those opposition parties talk about freedom and the crab).

unk Dicko said...

Peter, Kudos to you !
I hope more people out there will take the trouble to put some comments here. Tell us what you know. Tell us what you saw. Tell us anything that will help to make the govt take notice and improve on the situation.
This blog is being read by some serious people and by some serious agencies...who will take notice.
We are taking this issue very SERIOUSLY. For far too long, the serious problems created by S S elements in the schools have not been dealt with properly OR EVEN AT ALL !
The Principal is answerable.
As you stated so correctly, many schools WILL NOT ALLOW police or Secret Society Branch officers to come into the school to investigate SS related incidents and crime. They literally shoo them away!
On my personal part, I went out of the way to some of these schools, to deal with ss elements from within. However, I had the advantage the SSB did not have...Unk Dicko was known to almost all the schools I dealt with, and I was helping to decimate SS within their own school. No rhyme or reason not to co-operate with me as THEIR STUDENTS are involved with serious, chargeable crimes that I was investigating...and would forward for police action to be taken.
I had investigated hundreds of such SS cases involving all manner of crime. It was extensive.
This is part of the REAL PICTURE I talked about that the Review Committee must have.

Anonymous said...

Mr Dicko,
I think you are doing a wonderful job focusing attention on this problem.
It has been festering for a long time and the secondary schools have either choosen to ignore them or prehaps they are unable to take effective action.
Walk around most of the neighbourhood schools, and you can see ample deviant activities.
The police has been totally reactive, prehaps they will now start taking preemptive action.

Regards and once again glad you are contributing your experience.


Kumar said...

Dear Uncle Dick
I really apprecitate it that you are helping raise awareness on this problem.

This problem has been festering for a long time and just walk around many of the neighbourhood schools to see evidence of this deviant behaviour.

Schools have chosen to ignore the problem or they perhaps they are uaable to do anything.

The police has not been as preemptive as one would have hoped and I really hope they don't remain reactive all the time.

Once again thanks for contributing your experience.


unk Dicko said...

Hi Kumar and Pillai,
Thank you for speaking up and sharing your observations with us. In a previous comment I made mention of the "critical Turning Point" when almost overnight, all schools adopted a " let's forget it and leave them alone " approach.
That happened around 2004 when a very minor typical s s induced and ss backed incident blew up into such a gigantic proportion...that got a gentlemanly Principal looking like he was the greatest criminal and bully in education. The very bad and negative publicity was widespread appearing in all the media and press.
The MOE to salvage their holy pride called for a Big Meeting for all P's of all schools where the Nan Chiau High sch incident was "Not discussed". Instead a series of "instructions" were issued to all sch principals which actually gave away the advantage to the gangs and ss elements.
Everyone in service was shell-shocked over the plain stupidity of how the situation was so badly handled and managed!
Till today, the schs have not recovered from that one single BLOW. You can see the fear and apprehension and doubts when schs deal with ss elements.
Many are not co-operating with the police and especially the SSB...in order to keep their sch "profile" clean and "respectable".
Education is about preparing our young to be good, honest and exemplary citizens.
The vehicles for carrying that out are the teachers and the schools.
How can we do that when the schools are not being honest and upfront about the problems within?
The officers of SSB know about these things but are powerless to act.

Icemoon said...

Has MOE made a public statement on the recent incidents? If school as a breeding ground for gangsters is not acknowledged, it is hard for Home Affairs to interfere, like you said. Either that or the PM issued ultimatum and form inter-ministry committee to tackle the problem.