Monday, November 22, 2010

Mas Selamat...relatives, family members jailed! I was spot on again in my analysis!

Mas Selamat's relatives aided escape
Posted: 22 November 2010 1510 hrs
Channelnews asia

[Photo: CNA news online ]
Mas Selamat's brother, the brother's wife and their daughter, have been jailed between three and 18 months for harbouring the terrorist after his escape from the Whitley Road Detention Centre in 2008.His niece, Nur Aini. was sentenced to 18 months in jail.His brother, Asmom was given 12 months while his sister-in-law Aisah, three months' jail.
The three were arrested and charged last Wednesday, on November 10.They were convicted of the charge and sentenced on November 18.Mas Selamat's nephew, Mahadir, who had a lesser role in the matter, has been served a stern warning in lieu of prosecution.These details were revealed in a Ministerial statement in Parliament by Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam.
He said Mas Selamat made his way to his brother's home in Tampines on February 29, 2008, two days after he escaped from the Whitley Road Detention Centre (WRDC).He wanted to seek shelter and help from his niece, Nur Aini.Mr Shanmugam said Mas Selamat thought that Nur Aini was living alone.The Minister added that Nur Aini persuaded her mother to allow Mas Selamat to enter the flat.She gave him use of her bedroom, provided him food and water, and also assisted him by destroying the clothing he wore to the flat, which included his WRDC-issued attire.
Nur Aini helped Mas Selamat disguise himself as a woman to evade detection and recapture.She also gave him several items, including a map of Singapore that showed part of Malaysia.Asmom gave him S$100 and RM100 to facilitate his escape from Singapore to Malaysia.Asmom's wife Aisah gave Mas Selamat an EZ-link card and hair-net which he wore as part of his disguise, and some paracetamol.
Mr Shanmugam said the three had knowingly harboured Mas Selamat, an escaped prisoner of the State, who they knew was the subject of a massive manhunt.They deliberately withheld information when they were interviewed by the authorities on March 3, 2008.It was only in October this year, after being confronted with the facts, that they admitted to what had happened.Mr Shanmugam said Asmom and his family's decision to harbour Mas Selamat and provide him with material support that enabled him to escape to Malaysia was very wrong, illegal, and had grave security implications.Mr Shanmugam said Singaporeans will be understandably disappointed that Asmom and his family had helped Mas Selamat in his escape.But he added that their actions are not a reflection on the wider Malay-Muslim community who had disapproved of Mas Selamat's deeds, and participated in the manhunt for him in 2008.
Mr Shanmugam said Singaporeans should not allow this episode to affect the trust and goodwill that has been built up over the years between the different communities.Instead, he said this should reinforce how important it is for every Singaporean to unite and assist the security agencies to overcome the threat of terrorism.As to how Mas Selamat made his way to his brother's flat and how he subsequently made his way to Malaysia, Mr Shanmugam said the account given by Mas Selamat is still subject to verification.
Unk Dicko's Comments:
I have been proven absolutely correct again. Readers should check out all my earlier blog postings from the time of Mas Selamat's escape, the big manhunt for him and his subsequent recapture.
My analysis of the situation, including the FACT THAT HE WAS STILL BEING HARBOURED IN SINGAPORE, was made in the days and week following his escape.
If only the police and the ISD could have obtained the proper search warrants and if only they could have been a little smarter than his relatives and family members...they would have solved this much earlier and avoided much public embarassment.
After Mas Selamat was brought back he recounted how he escaped by crawling all the way through those linked drains and culverts to Woodlands. He then embellished it by saying he swam across...ALONE. This is to say he "had no help from anyone inside S'pore ".
I asked our authorities not to fall for this " bullshit and hogwash" of a story.
He had outside help. PERIOD!
I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

This continues to reflect very poorly of our security services. Why didn't they immediately swoop down on all relatives as soon as he escaped? Or put them under surveillance? That would have been basic. In my humble opinion, some high-level heads should have rolled, not just some poor Gurkha guard. The whole investigation was abysmal! It is natural for family members to help. Blood is always thicker than water. I hope our highly paid civil servants and ministers learn from this. From this incident, as well as increase in SS activities amongst young ones, I hope the authorities realise they are not bullet-proof to mistakes.

Anonymous said...

the months jail sentences are too lenient, and the warning only given to the nephew is giving a wrong message to public that "encouraging terrorism".

The prosecutors need to appeal on this for the sake of safety of singapore.

unk Dicko said...

I believe many people in Singapore would agree fully with both your views.
Hopefully, more comments can come forth here. Speak out. This blog is read by some serious agencies!
I'll comment later after I hear the detailed explanations (hopefully) by whoever is i/c on many unanswered questions in the public's mind.