Monday, November 22, 2010

Police arrest 70 more for gang activities
Posted: 21 November 2010, 2120 hrs, CNA news report.

[ Newsclip: Sunday Times - 14 Nov 2010, front page ]

Police have clamped down on gangs with another 70 arrests.
The arrests were made at entertainment outlets and public places along Orchard Road, Clarke Quay and at various HDB estates.
Police said those arrested were between 16 and 51 years old.
They are suspected to be involved in gang-related activities, drug offences and possession of offensive weapons.
With these, the number of people arrested for gang-related incidents stands at a total of 144.
Of this total, 35 people were involved in the Downtown East murder of student Darren Ng who was hacked to death.
16 others were arrested for another gang incident at Bukit Panjang.

Unk Dicko's Comments:
The crackdown is producing some results.
The residents living in a particular neighbourhood, together with all those who have business within, should know their own backyard well enough.
They are the ones, the majority who want a safe and peaceful environment in their estate.
They are also the ones who know best where the various "samseng kias" often it at or near a coffeeshop, near a 7-11 store, at a foodcourt, outside a mall, at a HDB void deck, at a Basketball court or some secluded corner of a field, at a designated location in a park etc..
Residents, through their RCs, NCs and Business community should form their own Anti-crime and Anti-SS taskforce to liase closely with police agencies.
Such taskforce should make their very 1st task by IDENTIFYING ALL KNOWN SS or SS elements irrespective of sex or age operating in their own area.
They should make notes and identify.....
Who they are.
Who controls them.
What school they come from.
Where do they live approximately.
Other details such as the name of their group, weapons seen, their type of offences.
Day and time of ss activity
Night and time of ss activity.
Residents should also observe if police have been carrying out checks regularly, infrequently or
even NONE at all.
Such feedback should be channelled OFFICIALLY to their MPs or higher authority to remedy the situation.
The Police cannot SOLVE all of society's ills. But Police need to reorganise their approach.
Everyone must do his or her part to help clear this scourge from our land.
EVERYONE....every Ah Pek, Ah Soh, Ahmad, Muthu, boy or girl, man or woman.
Every teacher, counsellor, Principal or educator.
Every father or mother who treasure the children they have.
Yes, everyone if you make even a small effort to be helpful and corncerned enough to do your'll be surprised how fast these samseng kias will turn into the tamest pussy cats.

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