Saturday, November 13, 2010

POLICE CRACKDOWN BEGINS...more suspects nabbed !

Breaking news, Channel News Asia online.

[ Knives believed to be used in the attack - SPF ]

Police have arrested another three male suspects, aged between 19 and 49 years old, in connection with the two cases of armed rioting which occurred at Bukit Panjang housing estate on Monday.The latest arrests on Friday included the driver of the getaway vehicle and two key suspects who had played an active role in the attacks.Police have also recovered 13 knives that were believed to have been used during the attacks. Since the attack, the police have arrested a total of 15 suspects.
The arrested persons are currently under investigation.
Director of the Criminal Investigation Department Ng Boon Gay said the police would continue investigation until all those who were involved in the attacks have been brought to justice.He said the police are taking a tough stance on this and would ensure those who blatantly disregard the law are dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

Unk Dicko's Comments:
Kudos to the police again!
The relentless hunt by officers of the Secret Society Branch (SSB) and other Police agencies have not stopped. Known SS headmen and some of their underlings have been pulled in the island -wide crackdown. Many former headmen of such secret society gangs were detained or jailed for gang activity. When they were released after a lengthy spell in prison, some will try to keep a low profile for a while before resuming their control over the gang. Others make serious attempts at going straight, knowing full well...IT SIMPLY IS NOT WORTH IT TO BE IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW AGAIN. If caught again, they face even longer prison terms.
The ability to move about FREELY is one of the most important blessings for a human being.
In short....FREEDOM is a most precious commodity which many of us take for granted.
The samsengs know that but thinking they are all too clever for the police, did not reckon on being caught easily when they planned and prepared for their murderous crimes.

Looking at all those knives..many appeared to have been carefully wrapped with cloth fabric.
What does this mean?
1. Leave no fingerprints as to who used it.
2. Provide better grip in the frenzy of the attack
3. Also will mean premeditated and planned excuse to say, "we did not plan,
we were provoked, we bought them off the shelves from hardware stores" new knives have no wrappings on their handles.

In yesterday's newspapers, there were very detailed descriptions of the horrific injuries that were caused by these scumbags wielding these knives...on the poor victim. He was cut, slashed and chopped right to the bone while they pinned him down...cutting through his veins, cartilage,tendons, and major artery. It was a miracle he did not die!

What shall we call these scumbags...BUTCHERS ? KILLERS? WHAT indeed?

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