Saturday, November 27, 2010

Unk Dicko entertains SM Goh and company

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800 seniors gather to celebrate Grandparents' Day
Posted: 21 November 2010, 1915 hrs
By Dylan Loh

800 seniors gather to celebrate Grandparents' Day

[ Photo: CNA news online ]

[ Photo: CNA news online ]
[ Photo: CNA news online ]

Some 800 senior citizens gathered on Sunday to celebrate Grandparents' Day.It is the culmination of a two-month long active ageing campaign held in the South East District.

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong graced the occasion with grassroots leaders and met the area's residents.
The celebrations also had other performances from various community groups.
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[ Media Corp Primetime News - from my TV screen ]
[ Media Corp Prime Time news - from my TV screen ]
Last Sunday, Nov 21 2010, there was a big event organised by the South East District in conjunction with the on-going Active Ageing campaign ( Active Ageing Roadshow ). It was held at the upmarket Qian Xi Restaurant at Tanjong Katong Complex. This is a big restaurant that can hold more than a thousand people.
More than 800 seniors from the Marine Parade GRC were gathered there to celebrate Grandparents' Day. All the MPs and advisors involved were present.
The Guest of Honour was Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.
A sumptious 10 course Lunch was served.
An elaborate entertainment Programme had been prepared well in advance by the organisers which lasted over 2 hours. There were many dance items, karaoke 'type' solo and duet singing,
skits, a drumming act, most songs were either in Mandarin or dialect, interviews with 2 winners of " Mr and Mrs Active Agers of the GRC ", and a lucky draw.
One major highlight was Unk Dicko's 'live' UKULELE Performance. It was slated for just before the Final Lucky hold the crowd's interest.
'Live' Ukulele public performance is rare in Singapore.
I had received this special invitation to give a Ukulele performance more than a month ago.
The request was to showcase my unique Ukulele music and style, preferably with a young kid whom I've taught the ukulele to.
For this, I handpicked 13 year old Darren Goh now in Sec 1, one of the hundreds of kids I have coached about 3 years ago. Fortunately, he is still playing the ukulele when I contacted him through his father.
To polish his technique and skill, I gave him 5 solid one on one in-depth session on strumming, plucking and other more advanced methods.
We also worked through the songs I selected...7 in all, for tone, tempo and emphasis.
Our hardwork and effort was rewarded.
As soon as I began to warm up the crowd and SM Goh and company, by light strumming and introduction of ourselves and songs , while Darren got our music scores ready, many whipped out their cameras, camcorders and that included the official TV media...and approached the front of the stage to have better shots...sensing that they were about to see and hear something that was far different to what had gone before them.
Part 2 to follow soon.....


Victorian Abroad said...

Dick, i am really impressed. Congratulations! I guess 'nothing without labour.' But you are truly talented! Keep it up!

unk Dicko said...

Thanks dear brother Victorian.
So true, absolutely true...'nothing without labour' signifies 'passion' that must go with hardwork.
It's very fulfilling and the organisers are indeed very thankful that I did it completely FOC.
I was their lunch guest too.

Andy Young* said...

Congrats Unc. You're the man! And to sing for the big chief himself. It's an honour.

Thimbuktu said...

Congrats Unk Dicko! It is the most commendable and remarkable efforts on your ukulele performance and training Darren Goh and the hundreds of kids to pass on this skill, technique and love of music for posterity.

Pls keep on the spirits of the active agers. You are our hero to spur us on to inspire, guide and encourage all of us.

Cheer on Unk Dicko! Thank you.